Which The Office Character Are You During Finals

The Office is the most relatable show on television, even if you’ve never worked in an office. Everyone has a character they relate to, but sometimes we relate to the characters we least expect, like Kelly Kapoor or Ryan Howard, because let’s be honest, we’re all extra sometimes. Also during finals, we become different versions of ourselves. More stressed out, crazy versions of ourselves. So read on, and figure out which character you are during finals. It might surprise you.

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Michael Scott

Maybe you, like boss man Michael Scott, have a hard time understanding certain classes, like those gen ed science classes that just don’t make sense no matter how many times you read the book. Maybe you, like Michael, just need someone to dumb it down a little. No shame in that.

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Jim Halpert

Jim gets stressed fairly easy, and like Jim, some of us just want all this mess to be over. When you get to a certain point of desperate attempts at extra credit, studying, and last-minute learning an entire unit, you might end up like our friend Jim, just wanting it to all end already.

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Pam Beesley

Finals are stressful, okay? Some of us just need to cry it out. Pam understands you, and she knows the power of a good cry. She also knows how it feels when every little thing makes you cry. And really, don’t we all know that feeling during finals? 

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Dwight Schrute

It’s so hard to find a good place to study during finals, and there’s nothing more annoying than going to the place you’ve been studying all semester only to find it crowded with people who never study taking your favorite booth at the same coffee shop you’ve been studying at all year. It’s not your fault these people never studied, why should you be punished by not being able to find a good spot? Like Dwight, you’re just sick of this many people everywhere.

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Stanley Hudson

So, finals week is pretty much the exact opposite of pretzel day, and if you’re the type of person that gets mad enough at incompetent group project members to yell at them, then you’re totally Stanley. If this applies to you, try using Stanley’s “have you lost your mind? Because I’ll help you find it,” because it’s sure to put the fear into your group enough to get them to actually do stuff.

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Oscar Martinez

Okay, not all of us are as aggressive as Stanley when it comes to group projects. So if you’re the passive aggressive group project member who wants everyone to get it together, but you still really care about being a nice person, then you’re totally Oscar. You wanna be a good person, but you also wanna make them cry. 

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Kelly Kapoor

If you studied all semester, worked really hard, and basically killed it, finals will be a little tricky but nothing you can’t handle. Kelly is a go-getter, and has the charisma to take on the world. Much like you during finals, she knows who she is and what she’s capable of. You’re so smart, like you have no idea.

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Kevin Malone

On the other hand, maybe you tried really hard to cram too much into one week and didn’t plan very well. Now your entire life is a pot of Kevin’s homemade chili that you’re trying to keep inside the pot, but it’s just failing miserably. You can try to scrape the chili back in the pot, but the carpet is already stained and the chili is already contaminated. 

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Angela Martin

If you’re Angela, you’re probably that friend who has a completely random major and it’s so small that none of your friends are in it, so when you study, you gotta keep to yourself. All your friends are majoring in the same thing like business or something, and you’re over here doing poultry science all by yourself. You’ll be okay, but you’re probably feeling kinda lonely and kinda dramatic about it. 

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Ryan Howard

It’s very possible that you took an easy sounding class like child development and just didn’t study all semester, only to find that child development is a little harder than you thought, and things that are apparently obvious about this subject are totally foreign to you. You’ll learn, baby, you’ll learn.

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Creed Bratton

If you’re Creed, you’re probably a super senior who just needed a couple more credits to graduate and you already have a job lined up, so you’re pretty much over the whole, finals thing. You’re also probably majoring in something you can’t explain and you’re in a band that plays at the local bar. You also have bigger things to worry about, like your blog, Creed Thoughts.

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Phyllis Vance

Some people are just huge downers during finals, and it’s hard to keep your spirits up being around negativity all the time. Like Phyllis, you’re not about that. You’re keeping all those negative people at a distance during finals week, because if you spend too much time around your Pam friends who never stop crying, you’re just gonna cry with them, and you refuse to get down in the dumps. You’ll meet up with them after finals are over, but for now, you’re gonna do your own thing.

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Andy Bernard

Calling out the annoying people that never had to study in high school, and never stop bragging about it, but are now realizing how much harder college finals are than high school finals. It’s possible you go to a good school like Cornell, and you’re in an a ca pella group, whose practices are cramping your study schedule. Here comes treble for your GPA.

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Erin Hannon

You’re a positive ray of sunshine like Erin, and you’re just trying to make the best of the free time you do have before the dark clouds of finals loom over your life. You like to look on the bright side and live your life to the fullest, and have as much fun as you can while you can. You go, Erin, you’re gonna rock your finals with that positive attitude.

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Darryl Philbin

You’re the friend everyone wants to chill with once finals are over. You don’t see the point in getting dragged down by the gloom of finals, so you’re the one throwing dance parties for all your friends during study breaks to keep everybody’s energy up. Look at you, being a good friend. 

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Meredith Palmer

I mean, maybe you’re Meredith and finals are literally hitting you with your boss’s car causing you to be in the hospital with a broken pelvis and a possible case of rabies. But that’s like, worst case scenario.

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Toby Flenderson

If you’re an annoying TA who takes your intro level class way too seriously, that makes you the worst, therefore you are Toby Flenderson. You are a thief of joy.


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