Word to Yo' Motha

For people in Greek Life they know there's a big difference between "Mother's Day" and "Mom's Day". 

Mom's Day is that amazing day (or uh, weekend) where your mom gets to come and be the queen of college. It's full of manicures, shopping, eating, and lots of much needed mom bonding. One of the best things about Mom's Day is you get to meet all of your sorority sister's moms so we compiled a list of the types of moms you'll meet on Mom's Day.

1. Srat Star Mom


We all know (or have) this mom! Odds are you are a legacy at her sorority and she will probably call you "sister" the whole weekend. She ran the sorority when she was in school and rocked you to sleep singing her chapter's songs. Mom's Day might be more important to her than your wedding, so cherish these moments with her and let her do one too many chants at dinner. 

Can be found: looking for her composite, throwin' what she knows, and reminiscing on the good ole days.

2. Party Mom

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Plot Twist: your mom is more fun than you! This mom loves a good time and wants to be one of the girls. Remember, she's hardworking and deserves a fun day off. Her dance moves will probably land her a spot on every single one of your friend's snapchats. Never change, party mom, keep rockin'! 

Can be found: shakin' her thang on the dance floor, at the bar, and ruling the frats. 

3. Mom Mom


The sweetest mom of all, your friends probably call her mom, too. She wasn't in a sorority herself, but she supports you in everything that you do. She'll want to go to all of the scheduled events and meet "all your new friends!" She probably knows a lot of the other moms because they're part of the same Facebook group "Proud *insert sorority name here* Mom." The mom mom will also cook you at least one home cooked meal and leave you lots of leftovers in lots of tupperware! 

Can be found: cleaning your apartment (bless her), buying you healthy snacks, and brushing your hair because sometimes it's too much work and your mom is just better at it. 

4. Best Friend Mom 


This mom just wants to be with her daughter. She doesn't care if you two skip the mother daughter luncheon or the cocktail hour, she came to see her daughter! Your friends will be jealous of how you can tell your mom anything and everything and she won't be mad or judgmental. Warning: this mom does not think matching t-shirts is weird, so be prepared to change unless you don't mind being twinnies with your mom. 

Can be found: eating junk food with you until 1 AM, curling up on your apartment couch and watching chick flicks, skipping organized events with your sorority to just hang out with each other, and hugging you because she "misses your face so much!" 

5. Your own Mom 

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Your mom might be the party mom or the srat star mom, but the only thing that really matters is she's your mom. She knows the worst parts of you and loves you just the same. Enjoy all the time you get with her because college is hard on moms, too! 

Happy Mom's Day! 



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