Your Mother's Day

Who is always on the clock, works 24 hrs, and never gets paid? Sounds like the world's toughest job. It exists and the job title is the 3-letter word Mom.

If you ever think about it moms spend the majority of their day doing everything in their power for everyone but themselves. Moms are the backbone to our country and even though Mother's Day falls on May 10th we should really celebrate them everyday. This Mother's Day we want to make every mom feel young, celebrated and excited on that second Sunday in May.

At The Houndstooth Press we celebrate our mothers through custom t-shirt designs and big hugs. The comfort that moms promise us everyday should be given back and we believe the comfort of a cotton tee covered with a custom design can do a little justice. When we think about it, mom's have accepted everything we've ever given them no matter what it is, a hand drawn magnet, a painting done in art class, a collage of pictures of you and her. No matter what it is she loves every single gift you give her. The Houndstooth Press believes in your designs as much as your mother does and we believe each one deserves the love and acceptance that your mom shows when she showcases it around the house, to her friends, and to everyone in between. Never be afraid to express your creativity and hey, maybe you want to showcase your next one on a tee. 

Your love can never be enough and so if this mothers day a custom cotton tee is not enough we've collected ideas from others around the world on ways to celebrate your mother on a very special day.

Of course every mother has their differences and in no world are any the same so when you plan your mother's day you must consider your own mother's values and interests when planning her day full of surprises. Sure a box of chocolates and a store bought card will work but this year consider turning it up a notch with some of these ideas.

1. Create a Photo Album

A photo album is a perfect gift to express your love for family. And your mother will appreciate all those selfies you forced her to take with you and all the old family holiday photos she may have forgotten about. Treat your album as a scrapbook and add some of her favorite quotes and stickers to flair up some creativity.

2. Plan a Spa Day

If you have a mother you know what it's like to be pampered and you may not have realized the hours your mom puts into pampering you. So lets turn the tables and let her enjoy a whole day of stress free pampering. Whether that may be a facial, a day to the nail salon, a hair appointment,  a massage, or even all the above. No matter what each getaway will be one of the best relaxing surprises.

3. Make her Dinner, or any meal!

Cooking and cleaning, cooking and cleaning. Let that be you and cook your mother some of her favorite meals. Don't worry if you're not the chef of the house, if you don't know how to make one of her favorite foods then make her something you know how to make and she would appreciate it all in the same. That may entail you to wake up a little earlier before she does to whip out a small little breakfast or save a couple hours of your evening to really put time into her meal.

4. Help Around the house!

On any typical day this may be reffered to as chores. But make Mothers Day's chores something you go above and beyond and something you do without her asking. For example, plant her a new plant or wash her car-- something you know she may not have the extra time to do!

Whatever you decide to do for mothers day just be sure to remember the reason you are. In the end, avoid the typical mom present and do something that will reinforce her and her individuality and something that will reflect how much you appreciate her.

Need a little extra?

Here are some others DIY craft ideas

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