Your Totally Not Boring Summer in College

Sometimes, you get to have an awesome summer. You get a job as a camp counselor, study abroad, go on a mission trip, do a fabulous internship in New York City to become the next Carrie Bradshaw (okay...maybe you don’t do that, but that’s just what we imagine being a cool summer), or maybe you don’t have cool summer plans. Maybe you’re not only not going home, but you’re staying in your college town over the summer, cursing those apartments that sign one-year leases instead of college school year leases. Don't they know that everyone leaves for the summer? But don't worry, your summer is not ruined, and there’s so many ways your summer can still rock. Trust us, staying in your college town over the summer is the best use of your time, and here’s why.

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1. Get a job. Yeah, that’s the obvious way to spend your time, but if you’re not doing anything else other than taking a class or two, it could be nice to have some money. Not only that, but summer jobs can turn into part-time jobs during the semester, and we all know it’s nice to have money during the semesters. Think of all the Chipotle you’ll be able to afford. “Yeah, I know guacamole is extra, I’ll take some anyway,” you’ll say as you hand them just a small bit of the load of cash in your wallet. 

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2. Find out who else is staying. Maybe no one in your tight circle is staying this summer, but surely there are girls in your pledge class or girls in other sororities that you kinda know from your rush group that are staying. They probably think, like you, that they’re the only ones staying. But, surprise, you’re all here and summer is the perfect time to form new bonds with new friends. So find those acquaintances that are staying and make some new besties.

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3. Enjoy campus being empty. I don’t know about y’all, but the Houndstooth Press is located in beautiful Fayetteville, Arkansas, and the University of Arkansas is a gorgeous campus. Seriously, come and see us after the leaves change in the fall, or after everything starts growing again in the spring. It’s beautiful, and I’m sure your campus is pretty cool too, and there’s a whole new appreciation for your school when it’s empty. You’re no longer frustrated at the group walking slowly in front of you on the sidewalk, now you can really appreciate your school and find new study spots on campus.

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4. Take classes. Even if you’re not staying to take classes, surely there are some gen ed requirements that you haven’t completed yet. I mean, college algebra? Who wants to spend a whole semester on your one math requirement? Usually the classes offered over the summer are classes like college algebra, composition I and II, basic science courses, and anything else you didn’t make time for freshman year. Not only could you take some gen eds, you could also take some random classes that sound super cool. For example, I’ve seen intersession courses about science fiction, the history of Frankenstein, and so many others. 

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5. Read. You know how when you went to college, you said you were gonna make time to read, and then you didn’t? Happens to the best of us, so take this summer and make a list of five or so books you haven’t read, but you’ve either told everyone you read it or you just keep meaning to read it. And if you don’t know of any books to read but you’re totally down to do some summer reading (Swing Time by Zadie Smith as seen above is a good bet), here’s a few suggestions:

  • Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes
  • This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Yes Please by Amy Poehler
  • Maus by Art Spiegelman

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6. Work on stuff you never have time for during the school year. There’s so many things we all say we’re gonna do, but life gets in the way and due dates shape our priorities. But maybe last semester you swore you were gonna clean out your closet and donate your clothes, or volunteer at the animal shelter, or start looking into where you wanna apply for graduate school, or if you’re applying soon, start studying for the GRE or the LSAT or whatever test you have to take. Sometimes you need a boring summer, friends, and you can have an even more fun summer later when you actually have the money to have fun.  

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7. Work out. Yeah, that thing we have no time for, that thing we always make excuses to not do, that thing that makes us sweat? Time to lace up your tennies and hit the gym, girl, because you’ve got time and it’s a good use of your time. And we all tell ourselves that we’re gonna start working out when we have time. So, you have no excuse anymore, especially because the university gyms are open during the summer. You’ve got a gym, you’ve got time, and since nobody’s in town, you’ve got nobody to be scared of at the gym. 

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8. Sleep. Seriously, if you’re gonna have a low key summer, at least take advantage of having time to sleep. Enough said.

Staying in your college town during the summer doesn’t have to be boring, and you don’t have to sit around in your apartment either alone or with the weirdos your to whom your roommates sublet their rooms. You’ve got stuff to do, you’ve got an education to get, and you’ve got money to make. And you don’t even have to be lonely, because there’s no way you’re the only one in your pledge class staying for the summer. Surely someone else is out there just waiting to be your gym buddy. So get yourself a job, read some books, and be ready for all your friends to come back all tired from camp and the beach to find you, rested, well read, and showing off those toned and tanned legs. 

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