Your fraternity is basically a walking Drake song because you can't really see another squad tryna cross you. Every squad needs to rep their squad on their swag. That's where we come in. 

We'll make shirts so good, you're definitely going to need to invest in some locks so your girlfriend and all her sorority sisters don't take them. Or another option is just wearing them all at once... wouldn't suggest that one. Our t-shirts will make you as confident as Kanye when he named one of his songs "I love Kanye."

Fraternity T-shirts from Houndstooth Press

Together you and the boys can do anything, we feel that. The Houndstooth Press is like a small coed Frat and together we can do anything for you. Seriously any design, any style, you name it. If that means we make you a Drake "Views" shirt and a PokemonGo shirt in the same month, we gon' lock it down.

These fraternity t-shirts are tested to withstand a night of going out, sleeping in them, and then getting up (maybe) for your 8 AM the next day. These shirts will be with you through everything that college throws at you figuratively and literally. 

frat shirt designs from Houndstooth Press

Let us show you what we're workin with. We're not Kanye West-ing when we say we're the best, we're just being real. And we know you're the best, too, so let us show everyone that.Have your people call our people.

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