10 Things Everyone Who Loves Cold Weather Will Understand

Queen Elsa said it best when, wearing her ice dress in her ice tower, she says “the cold never bothered me anyway.” As the cold weather approaches, people complain when the weather drops into the high 50’s it seems, but those of us who love the cold are living. I mean, gone are the days of sweating profusely on the way to class. No longer do we have to feel insecure about our pale legs. It’s the best. Winter is the best, and we’ve got your reasons why no one should complain about the cold.

1. Getting dressed in the cold is so much easier than in the heat. When it’s still warm out, it’s probably cold in the morning when you leave for class, so if you dress for the morning, you’ll be having a heatstroke by the time you go to lunch. Not cool (haha). But in the cold, it’s gonna be cold all day and you can layer layer layer without having to worry. You can wear your favorite pair of warm leggings for five days straight and literally no one will notice. You get to bundle up in a cozy scarf and throw a beanie over your unwashed hair. You can literally wear as many layers as you want. No one can judge you. 

2. Cold weather activities are so much fun. I mean, driving around to look at Christmas lights with your friends, bonfires, ice skating, going for hot chocolate, learning to knit so you can stay warm all season, giving up knitting because it’s too hard, going shopping for scarves because you didn’t ever finish the one you tried to knit, the possibilities go on and on.

3. And don’t even get me started on snow days. In college, snow days are like a second Christmas. Class cancelled, a bunch of stressed out, nostalgic college kids who are totally down to have a snowball fight, sledding in your laundry basket down the all the biggest hills on campus (looking at you, Arkansas), nothing can be better. Plus you get extra time on assignments. Yes please. 

4. The Christmas season. I mean, it’s not even the reason you love the cold weather, but it’s one of the best parts of the whole cold weather season. What’s better than the whole town lit up, your sorority house covered in decorations and sisterhood events such as gingerbread house decorating, Christmas-themed functions, and napping in the house because it’s also finals? Christmas is so great, it even gets you through finals. 

5. No more sweating while walking to class. This is a big one. Raise your hand if you’re sick of showing up to class all sweaty because it’s disgustingly hot outside. Yeah, I thought so. No one likes sweating in class, and when it’s freezing cold outside and you’re all bundled up, you’re still working up a sweat walking, but it’s so cold that it actually helps because it warms you up. Walking to class in the cold will always win over walking to class in the heat. It’s just a universal truth.

6. Blankets. I mean, who doesn’t love a good cozy blanket? You can’t snuggle up in your favorite fuzzy blanket when it’s 100° outside, and is there anything cozier than curling up in your favorite blanket with your favorite movie or book and a cup of your favorite coffee/tea/hot chocolate/cider/whatever floats your boat?  Yes, there is: having all your friends together with their blankets and movies and pizza. Being lazy is awesome.

7. You have an excuse to be pale. Those of us who are pale 365 days a year finally have an excuse to be pale and no one can say anything about it. You no longer have to feel like your chalk white legs are blinding everyone in their path. In fact, you can be as pale as you like and no one can judge you or say you need to get a tan. Your pale skin is a badge of honor in the winter and you can wear it with pride. Do you.

8. No Shave November. Who doesn’t love a good beard? Am I right, ladies? There’s nothing better than a guy who can actually grow a beard and rock it. And there’s nothing funnier than guys who think they can grow beards but they actually just look like they have a little dirt on their faces. And No Shave November is not just for guys. Ladies, we no longer have to shave our legs as if they will be exposed daily. Think of all the time you’re saving. You could finally read The Great Gatsby like you told everyone you did in high school. You could take up a hobby. The possibilities are endless. And since you’re living in your leggings, no one ever has to know. It rocks.

9. Lazy days are top priority. When it’s warm outside, your squad wants to go out at night more. And it’s fun, but a girl gets tired. When it’s cold, it’s so much more sensible to stay in and put in minimal effort but still have tons of fun. No one wants to put on heels and a dress to go out when it’s 35° and snowing. Oh well, I guess we could watch the Harry Potter marathon instead of go out. The actual college student dream, tbh.

10. Last but not least, everything in the cold season tastes amazing. Cinnamon everything, peppermint everything, all the soup you can imagine, chili, cornbread, warm cookies, hot tea, and those cute little seasonal sugar cookies that honestly don’t taste particularly good but they’re so cute you have to buy them. Who doesn’t love strolling up to Starbucks and ordering their first peppermint mocha of the season? Is there ever anything bad about Reese’s Christmas trees? Can anything top your dad’s homemade chili waiting for you when you go home for the weekend? Nah, fam, you can only get that in the cold weather. And it’s beautiful.

Basically, there is nothing wrong with cold weather and if you’re a hater, you obviously must love sweating and never having anything to wear. While you’re complaining about being cold, us cold weather fans will be making snow angels and living it up under all our layers of sweatery goodness. Happy winter!


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