Going Back to School After Summer Break as Told by Angela from The office

Going back to school after summer break is probably in the top 5 hardest things to do in all of your life…Here’s how it feels to be a college student going back to class after 3 months of break as told by the meanest woman in the office: Angela Martin-Schrute: College Grad and Chi-Omega Alum!   

When you have to leave your family pets at home and head back to your college town

You have to mentally prepare to leave your pets at home for a good two weeks before you leave to make sure you don’t have a complete break down on your way out of town. 

When you want to be mad at someone for making you go to college in the first place so you decide to be passive aggressive towards your parents

Even though you know you’re going to get to college and never want to leave you still have to be a little sassy about not getting to chill by the pool all day

When your roommates ask you if you’re alright because your 8am starts in 10 minutes

I’m sorry I am doing this but I put off signing up for classes until the last minute and now I have 8am classes every morning and need this caffeine pill to get me through the the class 

When your teacher pulls out your 10-page syllabus and decides to read the entire thing word for word 

can we just skip the parts that tell you class is cancelled for inclement weather and emergency procedures? They haven’t changed since junior high and know that I have to take the stairs if there is a fire… 

And then she tells you that you are going to have to have your first book read by the end of the week 

Who actually wants to do school the first week of class? Ew. Disgusting

and then you are almost done with your class and realize you are still half asleep 

I thought this caffeine pill was supposed to wake me up but I guess nothing helps when you have a 8am history class 

When you have no close friends in your class so you resort to sitting with the girls you don’t really know but you know you’ll need answers to the weekly homework assignments 

Let’s all be honest here. The only reason we are friends is because we have the same major and you’re an asset to my education

But then your teacher catches on to your similar answers and you have to cover up the fact that you’re guilty 

College is a group effort, when will these teachers understand that?

Finally, your first day of classes is over and all you want to do is cuddle in bed in your oversized t-shirt but you forgot that your sorority house hasn’t finished renovations


When your teacher asks the class who has bought their books for the semester and you’re the only one who doesn’t raise your hand 

maybe if I hold off long enough I can get away with not buying one and borrowing from the cute kid next to me? 

But then you forgot that it’s an education class and the two of you would never work out in the real world 

Teachers are some of the most important working individuals but he isn’t going to be able to help with my shopping addiction so bye... I’ll just buy my own book 

After the dreaded first couple days are over with you realize that it’s your first weekend out and you feel dumb for making it sound so miserable because it actually ROCKS!

You’re going to be here for the next 8 months so make the most of the fun times because college is the best 4 years of your life if you ignore your crazy teachers and 8am classes. 

Now go grab your friends and ENJOY COLLEGE while it LASTS!


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