How Sorority Girls Take Winter

How Sorority Girls Take Winter

         Winter can be a pretty brutal month for anybody. Especially rough when you thrive on being a bronzed goddess spending your days at the pool, and wearing frat tanks. Your life can turn for the worse when suddenly the high is 40 degrees and dusk hits at 5 PM. YIKES. But knowing how to combat these winter blues is vital to maintaining your goddess persona and ensuring that the Winter doesn’t get the best of you.


If this isn’t the obvious, then maybe you should just move to a remote island right now. You’re going to have to swap your Nike shorts for leggings in the name of not freezing to death. While some consider it a mundane move, with dulling colors, they will keep you warm. Its 2016 so there are designers galore, and you can get them as unique as you want.


It’s another accessory you can sport your letters on, what’s not to love? You can get the usual sports cap, and look super athletic. Or you can be super edgy and get a beanie. Either way you’ll be warm and can cover up a bad hair day.

Spray Tans

Every good sorority girl hates to lose her glow she was working on all summer. There’s a good phrase that says something about “If you can’t tone it, tan it!” Much agreed. For about $20 you can channel the same sun vibes you had in July in December, if you get the right spray tan. Careful though, let’s not be Snooki.

Winter Drinks

This is what Fall/ Winter is all about. You know you’ve been waiting for Starbucks holiday drinks to come out all year. There’s some power in holding that red cup. You might have to ditch your strawberry refresher but you can replace it with white mocha or a pumpkin spice latte. It will even keep your hands warm on the way to class.

Uggs/Hunter Boots

While they might not be the most fashionable shoe to wear. They will keep your feet very warm in the event of a blizzard or flood. Your leggings tuck right into these babies, and can keep a monochromatic look with the black.

Snow Days

It might not be the summer time where you have all day long to waste lounging by the pool. But in the winter if you’re lucky enough, Mother Nature might just dump some very heavy precipitation where you live, and your classes will be cancelled for the day. You have the whole day to spend watching Netflix or socializing with the cute boys down the block.


Yes, you can wear jeans in the Summer. But it’s not the same when you can only get away with white jeans in 100 degree heat. Now jeans are vital to survive the nightlife if you don’t want to freeze to death. You can go with black ripped or bell bottom. The options are endless, and warm.


Sometimes sweaters can be equated with snooty girls or grandmas. Or snooty grandma’s. But pair an off the shoulder sweater with riding boots and you’ve got yourself an outfit. Put a sweater on with leggings and you’ve got the best alternative to a t-shirt and Nike shorts. You might even look a bit more polished.


Now, you might not be able to jet off to the beach for a vacation anymore. You can now head a little north to the beautiful mountains, to a cozy ski resort and spend your days among beautiful snow glistening trees. It’s the next best thing to sandy beaches. I’ve heard mountain boys are pretty cute, too.

Hot Tub

It’s not a hot summer day on the Lake. But a dip in the hot tub at the end of the day, is a blessing. You can relax and unwind during exam week or have a fun girl’s night. You can’t really sit in a Jacuzzi when its 102 degrees outside unless you just enjoy having heat strokes. Relish in this bubbly goodness.

Sunday’s For the Boys

Football might not be your favorite sport to watch, and that’s okay. If you go to a school that has football in the Fall then you know the joys and activities that it brings, aka tailgating. While a high of 40 degrees might not allow for tailgating, and college football is commencing, have no fear there is an alternative. Sunday’s bring NFL football and what is better than gathering with a bunch of pals on a lazy afternoon to root your boys on? Probably nothing. So if you can’t darty, than grab your sisters and pretend to like football for a second.

     Some people are Winter people, some people are Summer people. It could be your personal preference, or maybe it’s in your DNA. Who knows? But if you find it hard to survive the 3 months of the year that are winter, maybe there’s something above that can help you get through these dreadful days. If you are a Winter person then you probably do all of these things already, carry on sister, just don’t lose hope when Spring strikes.


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