The 5 Different Girls at a Halloween Function

Halloween is always the same. You get the same candy, and you see the same costumes. People are predictable! If you're going out for Halloween, these are some of the costumes you're bound to see: 

I'm just really hungry, okay?

This girl will be dressed as some type of food, most likely something packed with protein. Like a hot dog. Or a meatball. She will also be the one carrying around a whole pizza at the function, and she definitely won't be sharing. She isn't interested in being cute, she just wants to remind everyone that she has a sense of humor and an appetite. She may or may not bring a date. If she does, she'll probably ditch him at the function at the first sniff of pizza. 

Yes, you really have to wear that.

Halloween Boob 

This is the girl in the committed relationship who can force her date to wear whatever she wants. While every body else is tip toe-ing around the costume boundaries with the dates their friends set them up with, this girl is going all out. This gal may also double as the hungry chick, with her date dressed as spaghetti. Her boyfriend can't say no, so they'll be killing the couple game. They'll be decked out in denim like Britney and Justin, dressed as a pair of boobs, or she'll look adorable while he's miserable in some onesie costume. Does he want to wear a wig? No. Will he? You betcha. Is he still gonna love her after this function is over? Only time will tell. Is a killer costume more important to her than the wellbeing of her relationship? Abso-freakin-lutely. 

I'm a mouse, duh! 

Mean Girls Halloween Bmh2Pzp

We all know what I'm talking about. These are the hardcore girls who just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears. You might see fishnets, you might see stilettos, you might see a little bit of everything. If you get lucky, you might even see some leather! These will be the girls dressed as cops, cats, mice, nurses, or school girls. It might take you a few minutes to figure out what they're actually dressed as, but there's no doubt that they look GOOD. Nobody is judging, we all have respect for these girls. They wear what they want and always look FABULOUS. Just get ready to see a lot of lace and even more confidence. 

What's your stance on....?

Clinton Trump Halloween 2

This girl takes every opportunity to talk about her political views, and Halloween is no different! She has strong opinions and isn't afraid to tell everyone. She's smart, she's classy, she's socially active, she's politically involved, and she's ready for a discussion. Her costume might be related to an election, a political figure, or she may just be taking a stand on a social issue. And she'll look dang good while doing it. Don't be intimidated by this girl while you're dressed up as a meatball, strike up a conversation and see what she can teach you!

Yeah, I'm going out in this. So what?!

Lazy Sexy Sloth Costume

This girl doesn't have time to play around. She still wants to have a good time, but a Halloween costume is not at the top of her priority list. This gal will be throwing together a costume an hour before you're supposed to leave, and she most likely won't bother with a date. She's got too many other things going on in her life to dedicate hours to planning an outfit for one silly night. This chick will be wearing a black mask and calling herself a burglar, a visor and calling herself a frat boy, or a fanny pack and calling herself a mom. Or maybe she'll just drape her roommate's sheet over her head. If worse comes to worst, she'll throw on a T-shirt (from Houndstooth Press, of course) and call it a night. If you can't figure out what she is, don't bother asking. She'll just shrug and walk away. 

Halloween is the one night that you can wear whatever you want and nobody can say anything about it! Tonight, you should be whichever kind of girl you're feelin. Be creative! Mix things up! Mouse ears are cute, but so are meatballs. 


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