The Perfect Gifts for Every Hard-to-Shop-For Family Member

I always struggle trying to decide what to get my family for Christmas. As college students, we're all ballin' on a budget so finding the perfect gift can be hard. Sorry dad, I can't afford to buy you that new lawn mower this year. But I CAN afford to buy you a nifty T-shirt from The Houndstooth Press! We have ideas for the perfect gifts for every family member!

For Dad: 

A Dad's Day shirt of course! Maybe that one you forgot to order for him when it was actually Dad's Day.....oopsie. He pretended not to be upset, but you know deep down he was pretty dang disappointed. It's the perfect gift! And for only $16.50.... much cheaper than a lawnmower!

For Mom:

You may or may not have forgotten to order her a Mom's Day shirt too. And by that I mean you most definitely did. She didn't try to hide her disappointment quite as much as your dad did....In fact, she lectured you for being irresponsible and inconsiderate for a good 10 minutes. She may have had a point. So to make it up to her, get her a shirt! Deliver it with a hug, and all will be forgiven. 

For Your Little Sister:

A game day shirt, of course! It's fine if it has your letters on it... she'll be wearing them soon enough anyway, if you know what I mean! Wink Wink Nudge Nudge. #LegacyStatus. With this shirt, she'll be prepared for the very best time of the year: Football Season!!! (You probably thought I was gonna say Christmas time, which is a close second). 

For Your Brother: 

A CFF shirt, duh!! What do boys love more than chicken??? Only one thing: sororities! This shirt incorporates the best of both worlds. He can rep your letters and his favorite food at the same time!! It's a bonus. Nobody even has to know that you're the one who gave him the shirt. Let him tell his friends that he has a cute college girlfriend. Nobody will know, and he'll be grateful to you for years to come. 

Christmas shopping is hard, but we'll make it easy for you here at The Houndstooth Press. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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