The Ultimate Going Home Playlist

The semester is over, hip hip hooray!! That means your tests are over, all your papers are turned in, you can breathe a little easier. No more tears, no more falling asleep in the library with your laptop in front of you, no more emails, no more obsessively checking Blackboard, and no more of this semester. Pat yourself on the back, friend, we made it out alive and thrivin’. The most stressful thing in your life now is deciding which flannels to pack for home and which shoes are best for family Christmas. Should you really bring your Eno hammock home even though it’s freezing outside? Your only real concern in life now is where you’re gonna stop for gas before hitting the road. Okay, so there’s a few details to work out. Snacks, gas, packing, laundry, and duh, finding your comfiest outfit. Alright, so there’s still stuff to take care of. But who cares? None of it is for a grade. 

And of course, we’ve got you the perfect playlist. Pass us the aux, we’ve made your ultimate road trip playlist. The best time to listen to new music is in the car, because if you love it, you can listen to it on repeat for hours and no one can judge you, but if you hate it, you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings by turning it off and never listening to that mess again. And of course, it’s also the best time to jam to the following: oldies, guilty pleasures, future karaoke songs, podcasts, Christmas music, and whatever you want. No one can judge you. 

1. “The Sound” – The 1975.  If you haven’t been listening to The 1975, you’re seriously missing out. This song is the perfect upbeat jam to get you hooked on the British band, and their slow jams are killer, too. 

2. “Go Your Own Way” – Fleetwood Mac. An oldie, but a goodie, as they say. Fleetwood Mac is the perfect road trip band. Get in touch with your inner Stevie Nicks and feel like a rock star the whole way home. 

3. “Life Itself” – Glass Animals.  This band describes their sound as “jungle slang,” and if that’s not the dopest thing you’ve ever heard then I don’t know what is. They let out a new album a few months back called “How To Be A Human Being,” and it’s a bunch of songs telling the stories of people they met on tour. Literally, so cool.

4. “San Francisco” – The Mowgli’s. This band has such a positive, summer vibe and they’re awesome to listen to when you’re wanting to just chill and be positive, especially after finals. 

5. “Year 3000” – The Jonas Brothers.  Let’s be real, we all love a good throwback and we all loved the JoBros. And if this song doesn’t get you in a good throwback mood, we don’t know what will. Jam at your own risk. 

6. “Stay With Me” – Sam Smith. Yeah, not a throwback, but such a perfect cry-alone-in-your-car song that makes you feel like you can belt and audition for The Voice. 

7. “Crazy Eyes” – Brother Moses. Much like Houndstooth Press, Brother Moses is native to Fayetteville, AR and they’re just as funky. They’ve got a fun, upbeat sound and when they make it big, you can be the cool kid who knew them before they were cool. You’re welcome. 

8. “yeah, babe, no way” - LANY. You might’ve heard of LANY from their song “ILYSB” that got pretty popular. They just released a new EP called “kinda” and this is your perfect anthem for not going back to an ex. 

9. “Hometown Glory” – Adele. You’re driving to your hometown, you’re belting as loud as you can, and of course, this classic Adele slow jam is an absolute must. Equal parts nostalgia and soulful singing, this song is one you can’t not sing at the top of your lungs. 

10. “Miracle Mile” – Cold War Kids. Looking for an upbeat indie song that’ll keep you awake? Look no further. Cold War Kids have an interesting sound, to say the least, and this song may also end up on your running playlist. 

11. “Shout Out To My Ex” – Little Mix. Yall remember Little Mix? They did those songs “Wings” and “Black Magic” that we all couldn’t figure out if it was them or Fifth Harmony. Well, they’re back with “Shout Out To My Ex,” and we all have an ex we’d love to play this song for. Bonus points if your semester included a breakup: this one’s for you. 

12. “Dog Days Are Over” – Florence + The Machine. Don’t we all feel like the dog days are over now that the semester is over? Crank up this indie hit and feel free, my friend, the hard times are over for now and we survived. 

13. “That Girl” – Justin Timberlake. Look, we all love us some JT. And we all love to imagine he’s singing to us, or about us, unless it’s a breakup song. But this one’s not, so feel free to just pretend he’s singing about his love for you. We won’t judge. 

14. “No One’s Gonna Love You” – Band of Horses. Yeah, the title kinda sounds mean, but just listen to the lyrics okay? This will definitely be your new favorite love song, especially the acoustic version. 

15. “Million Reasons” – Lady Gaga. How many times lately have you awkwardly chuckled and changed the subject when someone asked if you’ve heard Lady Gaga’s new album Joanne, not because you don’t wanna listen to it, but you’ve just been so busy? We’ve all been there. Well, now’s the time, friend. Listen, weird as she is, sister can sing, and she doesn't need any autotune. And this song is just a perfect singing alone in the car jam, much like mentioned previously in regards to Sam Smith and Adele. And can you ever have too many of those? We think not.

Finding your ultimate road trip playlist is an art, for real. And some of these songs might not be your cup of tea, but you may find your new jam that you’ll keep on repeat for the next 6 months. But don’t search Spotify and drive, jam responsibly, and have a happy holiday, friends!


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