What Sorority Girls Actually Want for Christmas

What Sorority Girls Actually Want for Christmas

It’s the best time if the year. Next to bid day of course. The Fall semester is commencing you hopefully survived finals, and you get a whole month off from going to class. What more could one want. You get to spend all day watching Netflix and get to have all three meals prepared for you and that’s really what you want. So when your mom texts you for your Christmas list it can be hard to come up with anything so you put down the typical make up, shoes, sunglasses. You know your Grandma is going to get this list too. But it isn’t necessarily what you actually want and if you could put it into list form it would look a little something like this.

1.      Unlimited Pizza

The amount of times you ordered your go-to medium size cheese only with Canadian bacon is absurd. Pizza Hut practically knows your name now, and the different states the delivery guy has seen you is just embarrassing. Sometimes your weekly order can take a toll on your bank account and what would be nice is if there was just a running tab that you didn’t have to pay, or a hot fresh pizza that would show up at your door a couple times a week.

2.      A Manicurist

Only getting your nails done when your mom comes to town is bit of a nuisance. It’s not your fault you can’t resist chipping off the polish. It’s also annoying to have to drive across town to go to your nail girl. What you need a is persona manicurist that would come to you for every event or when you needed that little pick me up, she would paint them perfectly and not ask “You have boyfriend?”

3.      A puppy

You’ve wanted one since you moved out on your own and new a little furry bundle of joy would complete you. You already have the name picked out, Roxy would be the perfect addition to your family. Your mom says that you don’t have enough time to dedicate keeping another organism alive but you know as soon as those puppy eyes looked at you they’d be the apple of your eye. You are ready to be a dog mom.

4.      A personal trainer

Sometimes those late night taco bell runs can catch up to you. Or your drive to head to the gym is minimal if there at all. It would be nice to be just like the Kardashian’s and have an A-list personal trainer come to your apartment and you could kill it come spring break. You would even have a reason to justify buying designer workout clothes, gotta look good sweaty.

5.      Unlimited Uber

The best and worst thing to happen to you. Best because you don’t have to spend half your night making sure your DD is still going to be your ride home of the night. Worst because those surges come at the worst time and end up crazy expensive. Having uber connected to a card other than yours would probably be a gift that keep son giving.

6.      Starbuck’s gold card

Now you can’t exactly just buy this little badge of honor. But if you could, it might just be number one. Having a little, sparkly, gold card with your name on it is quite the achievement. You didn’t buy all those caramel macchiato with a double shot of espresso for nothing. Having a pretty little card that hides your caffeine addiction would be the best stocking stuffer.  

7.      10 years of sleep

You’ve been sleep deprived for the past four months. More specifically the last week of the semester when you were a slave to finals. You really would need a California king bed, a down comforter and complete silence and you’d be one happy girl.

8.      500 more Instagram followers

As superficial as it sounds, you can’t buy these anymore. No seriously, Instagram can block spam accounts pretty well. Have a few more followers hit that like button on your posts would help you reach your dream of being a famous instagramer.

9.      A boyfriend

HA. No really you want one. Someone to hang out with on Sunday’s. Someone to always come with you to date functions and formals. Someone that would always be down to grab food. A netflix buddy, a boyfriend, same thing.

10.  A credit card straight to you parent’s account

This is actually what you want. Good luck girlfriend. 


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