When Friends Perfectly Describes Your Family Thanksgiving

Family gatherings. We love 'em. Do you know what else we love? Friends. Somehow the Friends fam knows what we're going through in pretty much every situation, and holidays are no different. Dealing with extended relatives is not always an easy task. Friends is relatable to all of our volatile emotions during Family Thanksgiving. 

When Thanksgiving Dinner is delayed by useless chatter

Joey Eat Gif

You don't care who is getting married. You don't care who is getting divorced or having a baby or getting surgery or adopting a cat. You don't care about anything except the scent of turkey wafting from the kitchen. Are you the only one with their priorities straight today? Didn't we all show up here for a common purpose? To eat. Not to swap useless stories about people that nobody actually knows (or remotely cares about). Tell your great aunt Linda to pipe down and grab a plate. 

When Aunt Carol asks if you're really going for a second helping of mashed potatoes

The freshman fifteen is real okay?! It happens to everyone, so every college kid is on a level playing field. Some extra potatoes aren't gonna hurt anything. You'll still fit right in when you get back to school in 3 days. Everybody will be a little plumper and a whole lot happier after Thanksgiving break. There is no shame in a second helping. Or a third. Or even a fourth if you're feelin it! Back off, Aunt Carol, you big jerk. I don't need this kind of negative energy around me. 

When Grandma tells you the same piece of gossip you've heard 7 times

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That rumor about cousin Bobby and a questionable rash has been circulating for about a week and a half. You've now been given the gruesome details at least 7 times, 3 of those by your grandmother alone. This is something you'd prefer to hear....well, never. Still, you pretend to be intensely interested in Grandma's story so she doesn't get butthurt. Her whole life is now dedicated to keeping up with family gossip and spreading gruesome rumors, so just let her have this one. 

When Grandpa asks why you haven't settled down with a nice young man

Chandler Hopeless Gif

It's not your fault that you don't have hundreds of boys following you around vying for your attention. College is hard. There's no time for makeup. There's no time for flirting. There's no time for romance. Somehow, college has made you even less desireable than you were in high school. But hey, it could be worse. At least there are plenty of mashed potatoes. The right guy will come around eventually, don't sweat it. And when he does turn up, he'll be worth the wait. Until that day comes, fill the void with some carb-loaded food. 

When your sister tries to sneak a bite of your roll

Joey Share Food Gif

OH HELLLLLLLL NO. You've been eying the basket of rolls for the entire meal, making sure you got your hands on that last scrumptious one. Little sis should know by now that you don't play around with your food. She'll be pulling her hand away from your plate covered in bite marks, and you won't even feel bad about it. That roll is yours, fair and square. She better step off before things get ugly. It's about to turn into Mean Girls animal world up in here. 

When your cousins ask if you wanna play

Friends Punch Gif

It doesn't matter that all of you are now legal adults, 2 are married, and one has a child. When the cousins get together, it's a free for all. You all shamelessly regress into your 9 year-old selves. The cousin reunion is arguably the best part of any family gathering. There's punching, screaming, and messes made. The only thing that has really changed is that you now know how to effectively use cuss words. Sorry, mom. For both the blood stain on the carpet and the countless f-bombs dropped in front of grandma. 

When your fam has overstayed their welcome

Phoebe Bye Gif

Family Thanksgiving rocks. But the end of Family Thanksgiving rocks even more. It's a blast catching up with your fam, cussing in front of your grandma, punching cousin Bobby in the neck, and eating all the mashed potatoes. But eventually, it is high time for everyone to leave. You're not trying to be rude or anything, but please GTFO. It's time for you and your parents to snuggle with your dogs in silence, recovering from the chaos of the day. When the clock strikes 9, it's time to say adios. Family Thanksgiving was a blast, we'll see ya at Christmas. 


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