10 Ways To Be The Best Big Ever

10 Ways to Be the Best Big Ever

Being the best Big ever isn’t just about being a big sister to someone you may have literally just met, it is about being the Superior Commander of All Things Fun. For the next three years, you are responsible for initiating your Little into the ways of sorority life. Maybe you’re asking, “PUHLEASE! How could that possibly be done?” Well, we’re here to help. With gifs of course.

Bring her Chick-Fil-A breakfast

Those chicken minis are certified GOLD. And they will be the perfect start to your Little’s day, especially if she has a big test… (hint: Chick-fil-a breakfast before a test will raise your score by a whole letter grade….or at least, that’d be awesome if it did...) Bringing your Little chicken minis is the ticket to being the best Big, without them, you’re just a Big, but with them, you are a Big WITH CHICKEN MINIS. See the difference? Yeah, you’re welcome. 

Give her your cool tees

Littles love few things more than getting old (ahem, “vintage”) sorority and/or fraternity shirts. You probably already showered her with fun shirts in the week leading up to Big/Little reveal, but don’t let your shirt giving stop there. Anytime you might think about handing down one of your favorite function shirts you’ve outgrown, always consider your Little first! She is your sorority bloodline, she DESERVES to inherit the gift that is your old t-shirts! And just a thought…you could even be the best Big ever and buy her one of your sorority’s new shirts when it comes out as a surprise. Everybody likes getting new shirts…you literally can’t go wrong. Literally. You cant. 

Let her sleepover at your apartment

Yes, this means you have to actually clean it… okay, juuussssstttt a little bit. We’ve all been there, sick of our dorm, counting down the days until we can sign a lease for our own apartment, sick and tired of eating ramen noodles and cafeteria food every dang day, and your Little is no different. Invite her over for a movie sleepover, make a big bowl of popcorn and binge watch Grey’s Anatomy. Pro Tip: Buy lots of tissues. 

Be her own personal (free) Uber


This might be the quickest way to your Little’s heart: give her rides. To class, to Chapter, to the mall, to Walmart, basically anywhere that you remember needing to go as a freshman, she will too, and we can promise you she’ll appreciate it. C’mon who doesn’t appreciate getting a free ride somewhere? Added bonus: these times in the car are where you can really bond with her.

Guide her through the struggles of freshman year

Oh the struggle bus that is freshman year. When your Little is having a rough day, be there to hold her hand, metaphorically or physically (whatever she needs, ya know?) and help her out. Whether she doesn’t understand how in the world the bus schedule works, or she lost her student ID in the dining hall, make sure your Little always knows that she can count on you to come in clutch.

Allow her to vent any and all boy troubles and always take her side

You are her built in best-friend and you know what that means: you’ve got her back when boy troubles arise. College is ripe with potential dates- bad dates, good dates, weird dates, all of it, and your Little needs YOU to help guide her and be there with a listening ear and some Ben & Jerry’s.

Let her befriend your mom

The only thing that rivals having a Big, is having your Big’s mom be your second mom. Especially if she lives in the same town. We’re talking homemade dinners, extra vent sessions and mom advice, complete with someone who will always push you to make good grades. #thanksmom

Don’t let her go to frat parties alone

As a Big, you feel a lot like a mama bear. Emphasis on the bear….because you will literally DROP KICK SOMEONE if they try to get too creepy around your Little. This means she can never go solo to a fraternity party without your momdering eye (ha, get it?) keeping watch over her sweet, innocent, freshman self. She will always be your ~little~ girl. Plus, we all know you’ll want to join in on her fun….

Introduce her to your guy friends

Getting to know people in college can be hard; getting to know guys in college is even harder. Do your Little a solid and share your guy friends with her. Don’t get all jealous if she wants to take one to a function, because this is all part of helping her truly have the best college experience possible. And who knows, if one of your guy friends turns out to be the love of her life, then you get to give the. most. epic. toast. at their wedding and take all the credit…. Every Big’s dream. 

Don’t get jealous when she makes other friends

It’s hard as a big not to feel possessive of your Little….. she is your Little after all, but you have to let her spread her horsey wings and learn to fly (thank you Andy Dwyer). She is going to be the lil’ Sebastian of your sorority. Everyone will fall in love with her…… but you can’t keep all her awesome for yourself. Share her with your sisters and we promise, she’ll love you even more for it. 


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