What To Put in Your Big/Little Basket

What To Put in Your Big/Little Basket

Let’s face it, getting a sorority little is almost as exciting as getting a little sister in real life. Sure, you were already sorority sisters but there’s a special bond between big/littles that can’t be broken. Even though you only get a little bit of time to completely pamper her before you reveal yourself, make it count by having the best big/little basket ever!


If there’s one thing to absolutely put in your basket, it’s food! Forget the freshman 15, hook ya girl up with some junkfood. If you don’t know exactly what food your future little likes, it’s best to get a variety of salty and sweet snack foods. Candy is always an easy (and cheap!!!) thing to buy for your basket. Sugaring her up with Sour Patch Kids and Twizzlers is the perfect welcome in your family. If you want to go above and beyond you could even pick her up fresh donuts or cupcakes from a bakery near campus! Anything that didn’t come from a dinning hall is going to look amazing to her.


I know what you’re thinking- you live in that fraternity t-shirt from 2008. But you probably got that shirt from your big, who got that from her big, and so on. It’s only right to pass down the legacy that is your t-shirt collection. As comfy as they may be, it’s okay to part with a few of them to help out the comfort of your future little. She may not have hardly any t-shirts to start out with so anything you pass down will mean a lot. Getting t-shirts from your big is such an exciting gift because it’s something that you know will be put to good use. When you see her wearing that letter shirt you bought her around campus this next semester, it’s going to be such a good feeling.


Sorority rule #1- don’t forget the canvases. What else is your little suppose to decorate her dorm room with???? Okay, that’s a little dramatic, however it is pretty typical to pass down canvases so your little can proudly display her letters in her new home. Whether you painted them yourself or they’re passed down from your big, a canvas never goes out of style. It’s a tradition that will stay cute for generations to come.

Personal Letter

It’s a good idea to leave your little a letter so she can get a few clues each day as to who you are. Whether or not you tell the truth the whole time is up to you though. Sometimes it’s fun to keep them guessing just when they thought they had you figured out. However you do have to be careful if you’re close to your future little and think they might recognize your handwriting. In that case you could always print off the note or have another sister write it for you. Notes are great ways to communicate with your little throughout the week and give her something to keep as a memory.

Picture Frames

Where else is she going to put the cute picture you guys take together on reveal day? Instagram is nice, but there’s nothing better than having a physical copy of your picture on display for all to see. Your little will love anything that helps her dress up that old dorm more, so picture frames are a great gift. You could also make the picture frame and personalize it with your names and her initiation date. Personalizing her gifts shows her just how excited you are to have her in your family because you took the extra time to create them. 


From socks to buttons, anything and everything with your sorority’s letters and colors on it are good things to throw in the basket. Tumblers and mugs are great things to add in because coffee becomes a best friend in college. Hats and hair bows are also cute accessories to give away because she can use them at pep rallies. Stickers for laptops and cars will definitely be utilized. Chances are, she’s going to want to show off her new letters any way possible so you can’t really go wrong.

You know you’re getting an amazing little, so give her an even more amazing basket!


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