Feels of Getting Asked to a Fraternity Formal as Told by Miley

Everybody goes completely insane when formal season comes around, so don't even try to deny it. Girls trying to get a date go wild, just like in Mean Girls during the jungle scenes. Every woman on campus is keeping her eye out for a dateless boy wearing his letters. Honestly it doesn't even matter if he's cute! Fraternity formals are the most fun events of the whole year, and attending one practically makes you Greek Royalty. Getting a date is imperative, so all is fair in love, war, and formal season. Miley Cyrus' several different personalities perfectly represent the different stages of crazy you go through when you get asked to formal!

Miley Cute

^This is you trying to convince all the dateless boys on campus that you're a princess. But not too princessy. You don't want to be high maintenance, just fabulous enough to show up to formal looking beautiful. Convince him that you'll look like a supermodel in his pictures and he'll be down. If you can be cute enough to make his friends jealous, he'll know you're the date for him. Give him some style and sass, Toddlers in Tiaras style. 

Miley Shoulders

^This is you trying to convince the boys that you're not only adorable, but also fun. You've made it clear that you are a princess, but now you have to show them that you're also a party animal. But not too much of a party animal. Just fun enough to bring the party, but not so fun that the party ends at the pregame. Now is the time to bring out your best and biggest dance moves. You know how to have a good time, and make sure they know it. 

Miley Mad

^This is you when you see some other girl flirting with your potential date at the frat house on Thirsty Thursday. She doesn't know it, but she is moving in on some dangerous territory. Homegirl better scoot back before you decide to take matters into your own hands. You have your heart set on attending this formal, and no girl, no matter how great her highlight looks, is going to stand in your way. She better back up off your man (by man I mean the boy that you'll use to attend formal for a weekend, post a cute picture with, and then ignore until semi comes around). 

Miley Peace

^This is you snapchatting all of the single guys you know. You make sure that they won't forget about you.... they'll get your goofy-but-still-cute selfies at least 3 times a day. They can run, but they can't hide. You're going to this formal if it's the last thing you do. The dog filter is always a winner, the boys can't resist it. If all else fails, bring out the big guns with the flower crown that makes your eyes sparkle and totally annihilates that zit on your chin. 

Miley Cry

^This is you when all your friends have been asked and you still don't have a date. You try to hold it together on the outside, being supportive and helping your pals pick out dresses. But on the inside, you feel exactly like blubbering Miley. What's the deal?! You'll even paint a stupid cooler if that's what it takes. 

Snotty Miley

^This is you to that one annoying girl in your pledge class when she asks if you're going to that formal. She makes sure you know she's going with the cutest boy in the fraternity, who was also his pledge class president last year and is going to be an Industrial Engineer. You don't have anything nice to say, so don't say anything at all. Instead, give her your very best Miley level smirk and make sure to remind her about that one time she puked on the bus on the way to your sorority semi formal. Hopefully this weekend goes a little better for her. Not. 

Omg Miley

^This is you when a boy finally asks if you want to go with him. You try to play down your excitement and keep it at least kinda casual. Still, I'm sure he can see the excitement in your eyes. The only gift better than a formal date is a puppy. And that's still a close call!

Miley Grill

^This is you trying to decide what to wear to the party. Wearing some basic dress and matching 3 other girls would be a travesty, so you have to think outside the box. Forget the strapless black dress from Nordstrom, you can do better than that. You want to be edgy and stand out without going too far. Just letting you know, a grill is too far. Take it down a notch or 3, and you'll be perfect.

Mirror Miley

^This is you practicing your moves in the mirror, trying to make sure you won't look like a complete fool on the dance floor. Make sure to touch up on all the popular dances. You better know how to Ju Ju before you even think about leaving your bedroom. You finally got a date to this formal, now you better not embarrass yourself once you get there. But even if you do, this weekend will probably be the time of your life. Formals are a great time, and something you won't forget. This weekend will easily be one of your favorite college memories!


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