Girls vs Boys at Semi Formal

Boys vs Girls at Semi Formal

Semi-formal is the night that commences the Fall semester. It’s the last chance at socializing before the death wish that finals is. It’s your last Rah-rah to rally with your friends all while wearing a dress and heels. It’s a pretty anticipated night, but what gender you are has a lot of significance to how much preparation, and how much fun you actually have.

Finding a Date

Girls: OMG it’s 3 weeks out and I have no date at all. I guess I can go with my roommate’s boyfriend’s friend, but that might be awkward. Or maybe I can go with Lizzie’s friend that might be fun, but he’s shy so it might be awkward. Whatever, I just need one to pay for my dinner. I’m getting my hair and nails done for this/him, the least he could do is buy me a $12 salad. Also wouldn’t be bad if he looked cute in pictures, gotta show up all the other girls and their man candy. So now he has to be cute and fun, and willing to shell out $12. If I can’t find one that meets all of these requirements then I have lost faith in all of mankind. Literally, MAN kind.

Boys: So my roommate’s girlfriend’s friend needs me to be a date, cool. I guess I have nothing else to do that night. I hope he reminds me the day before, otherwise I’ll forget.

Making a Plan

Girl: Wow Annie wants to go to Hibachi for dinner, but Lizzy wants to go to Olive Garden. I guess if we can’t all agree then the gang will just have to split up. We are all meeting up after dinner before we go, so I guess it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But I personally want Hibachi, and I know Lizzie will be pissed if I don’t go with her. It’s too hard to eat spaghetti in nice clothes, I took cotillion but I’m not saying I actually learned anything. I guess I can ask my date and see what he wants. Boys like food, right?

Boy: She said we’re having Hibachi before, sweet.

The Day Before

Girl: This spray tan better not turn me orange, I can’t have another oompa loompa look from last year. That was a disaster and I curse that tanning salon. I still need to get my nails done, I knew I should have made an appointment. I still don’t know if I should be super basic and get a French manicure or if I should get dark blue. It has to complement my dress and that’s always the struggle.

Boy: I hope I can watch the Lakers game at the restaurant tomorrow night.

Getting Ready

Girl: I never give myself enough time. I’m still blow drying my hair and I have to be ready by 7:30. I need to call Annie to come curl my hair. These false eyelashes are always a struggle, they look fab but are so hard to get on. It’s not my fault I wasn’t blessed with Beyonce lashes. Focus, focus, I need to focus on this. Now should I go with red lipstick and show the world I mean business? Or take a backseat with neutral lipstick to say I’m not as feisty as I look? This is the hardest decision of the night. Okay, red it is. Now where did I put my hairspray??

Boy: What time is it? 6. Alright, I guess I’ll take a shower now.


Girl: I hope this isn’t awkward. I know Lizzie is going to be so mad when she sees me later tonight because we didn’t go to the same restaurant. My date seems fun though, I’m so glad he has a friend here. This food better be good, I haven’t had anything to eat all day.

Boy: I love chicken fried rice. Yes, I’ve got the check for me and my date.


Girl: I need a quality picture to post from tonight, can’t let all these girls show me up. I know my ex will see it too and he has to know that I talk to other boys. LOL. Should we do one sitting or standing? My top can’t be low, or my rude aunt will text my mom about it. But I do want the picture to be attractive, if I can make it into the 200’s I’d be very content. Maybe I should use a different filter for this one. Or maybe I should post a pic of all the girls together, but that gets too complicated.

Boy: Do we seriously need 500 pictures?


Girl: Wow this is actually fun. I hope we don’t get in trouble by standards for having too much fun, if you know what I mean. My date better ask to dance with me when a slow song comes on. I didn’t go through all this trouble and pain for nothing. I’m debating if I should take off my heels, but bar floors are so nasty. This DJ needs to quit playing EDM, I didn’t come to this to head bop to skrillex.

Boy: This DJ is pretty good.

Post function

Girls: OMG I need taco bell now. My feet hurt so badly. It’s so cold outside. I need to look to see how many Instagram likes I’m getting. Don’t tempt me to post another, I don’t have the energy to edit again. Wow, I’m really tired too. It’s 2:30 oh my gosh, I need to go to bed.

Boy: I would really like to go to sleep now, after I eat some pizza.

Next Day

Girl: That wasn’t so bad, actually that was pretty fun. I hope I don’t break out after sleeping in my makeup. My date and I looked so cute in our pictures. Maybe he’ll text me today thanking me… probably not, boys suck. At least I broke 200 likes, that’s why I went to semiformal let’s be honest.

Boy: That was fun.




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