Pros and Cons of Every Semi-Formal Date

Pros and Cons of Every Semi-Formal Date

Finding a Semi Formal date is probably one of the top ten most stressful ordeals a sorority girl will have to go through. It’s do or die, fun or bust. Although it shouldn’t be a determinant in how much fun the night will be, we all know it is. There are so many requirements he must fulfill but not enough boys that could satisfy all the date night needs. Thus prompts the struggle of the different boys that could accompany you to semi-formal.

1.      Boyfriend

Pros- This is your safest bet. You’re obviously dating him for a reason, you like the guy. Maybe you are even in love with him. He knows how to have a good time, and you too have already perfected the type of pictures that will get you all the insta likes. Your parents approve of him, and you won’t get a text from your mom the next day asking” “Who’s the boy?” He will pay for your dinner and it won’t be awkward.

Cons- Honestly, there is none. Unless you don’t like your boyfriend. Then you have bigger problems on your hands then a semi-formal date.


2.      Friend

Pros- You have known him for a while and like him enough to spend time with him. Hopefully he’s funny and nice. Even better if he looks good in a sports coat or suit. You will definitely have fun that night and it won’t get awkward.

Cons- He might get the wrong idea and think you are more than friends. Keep him at a distance girl.


3.      Neighbor

Pros- You have probably seen him a lot and have popped over a lot to borrow something, or he’s done some favors of moving furniture or heavy boxes. You know what his living standards are like and can deal with it. He’s nice enough to be friends with too.

Cons- If things get awkward during the night by either party, you can’t just avoid him forever. You are definitely going to see him again, guaranteed. This can be tricky.


4.      Friend’s friend

Pros- He must be cool if he’s one of your friend’s friend. You’ll get along great and have usually heard his name before. He will know people during the night and won’t stand in the corner while you have to talk about the weather.

Cons- He could have so many friends there that he forgets you are his date and leaves ya hanging. That’s the worst and if there is not an apology sent ASAP then he is no longer a friend.


5.      Set-Up

Pros- This could go either way. It could be amazing, you too could hit it off and spend the night stargazing as you dance to John Mayer. Or on a non-romantic note you could become best friends bonding over an obsession with music festivals.

Cons- This could go the other not so good way. He could be incredibly weird or rude and you could spend the whole night wondering why you even came. If you do end up stuck talking about your major during dinner, hold tight and text a sister “SOS!” True friends will help when that disaster strikes.


6.      Solo

Pros- You are the ultimate definition of girl power. You won’t have to worry about taking cute pics with your date and coordinating times to go to dinner. All you have to keep up with is yourself. No extra added problems to the night.

Cons- If everyone else has a date for that night you run the risk of being lonely. When all the couples take pics together you might find yourself thinking “wow, what if I had a date?” If you think you can handle that, then heck girl, go for it.


7.      Girl friend

Pros- She’s your go to girl and you know that she will be a blast. You too can get down on the dance floor and dance all night. She knows how to behave herself and won’t get on your nerves. You too even have your good side worked out for pictures.

Cons- Finding a friend not in your sorority that would be comfortable going to another sorority’s semi-formal is a challenge. She could feel out of place and not be herself. But if she agrees to go in the first place then surely she’ll have a great time.


8.      Ex-Boyfriend

Pros- There’s not a lot in this category. Maybe despite the relationship ending he is still fun to take to functions.

Cons- The list is limitless. Unless you broke up on VERY good terms it is in your best interest to not do this. He may be cute but you aren’t a couple for a reason. Caution tape that reads “tread carefully” should be on this one.


9.      Crush

Pros- You finally have a chance to hang out with that cute guy you’ve been eyeing all semester. He is a total hottie and you’ve been waiting for an opportunity all semester. Now is your chance. You’ll be all dressed up anyways. Maybe he’ll have tons of fun and want to hang out more.

Cons- Let’s hope the outside matches the inside. If he isn’t as cool as you thought the night could fall well below your expectations. Be excited, but weary of a not so happy outcome.  


10.  Not Going

Pros- Go to your semi-formal.

Cons- Go to your semi-formal. 


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