What Not To Do At A Fraternity Formal

Don't let anybody tell you differently... getting asked to a fraternity formal is a big freakin deal. It means a boy likes you enough to spend an ENTIRE evening with you. He could've asked anybody, and he asked you. WOAH. You should be flattered, and then immediately start freaking out about what you're gonna wear and what color to paint your nails. It's also completely natural to over-analyze his feelings for you. Does this mean something? Does he like me? Was I a last resort? Maybe he couldn't find anybody better to take? .....Or maybe I was his first choice? Is he in love with me? Is he picking out rings? Do I need to have my friends tell him how much I hate Princess Cuts? You get the gist. Once you calm the heck down, you'll realize that being a good date is a prerequisite to a lifetime of love and happiness. Here are all the things you should avoid doing at the frat formal to be a potential candidate for his undying love and affection: 


Don't be picky about where he takes you for dinner

Corrinne Gross

Chances are, your date is gonna pick a restaurant that doesn't excite you. Big deal. He's gonna pay. Suck it up, smile, and pretend this is your favorite restaurant. Don't you dare complain about food. He'll kick you to the curb before you can say "I'll have the side salad". Also... don't order a side salad for your meal. He will not be impressed. Remember when Austin Ames asked Cinderella if she'd rather eat a rice cake or a Big Mac? Be the girl that prefers a Big Mac. This dinner is an hour-long opportunity to woo him with your grace and charm, use it!

Don't forget your table manners

Michelle Ice Cream

Chew like you have a secret! He doesn't need to see ice cream dripping from your mouth or chewed up bits of pizza spewing around while you tell him how excited you are to be there. Take small bites, don't use your dress as a napkin, and swallow before you try to chat him up. Soup is a safe choice for dinner, it's quick to suck it down if he asks you a question or cracks a joke. Screw that, get the Big Mac and just take small bites. Bottom line, don't be gross. Unless he's into that, in which case all bets are off. Get the Big Mac and take big bites, who cares. 

Don't buy a basic dress


If you buy a dress at the most popular boutique in town, 20 other girls at this formal are gonna be wearing the same thing. Not cute. It's hard to be a show stopper when you match half the people in the room!!! You're beautiful, so wear something that will make you stand out. Nordstrom has free returns online.... so buy 6 dresses, see which one fits best, and send the rest back. If you look funky and fun, you'll feel funky and fun. Boys love girls who are funky and fun. And you love yourself when you're funky and fun. So be funky and fun!

But don't push the boundaries of fashion

Pant Suit

I'm the first girl to try out a new fashion trend, and I always encourage others to do the same. You should wear whatever you want, and wear it with confidence. You can rock anything you want to. With that being said.... tonight is not the night to really push boundaries. The fur muff, leather pant suit, or ruffly dress with shoulder pads may not be the best choice for tonight. Be funky and fun, but keep it under control. There are better times to test out a replica of Lady Gaga's meat dress. 

Don't be plugged in all night

Honey Boo Boo Phone

Get off your dang phone. Seriously. Just turn it off. Put it in his jacket pocket and forget about it. Your mom doesn't need to see every picture you take tonight, she can wait. Your roommate doesn't need running updates of how many times he touched your knee. Take a few cute selfies for your snap story and be done with it. If you spend all night with your face in your phone, he's gonna think you don't want to be there. Unplug and have a great, technology free night!

Don't try to fight anybody

Cash Me Outside

We all have one friend who gets a liiiiittle too agressive after a couple drinks. Don't be that girl. That's a really easy way to get both of you kicked out of the venue, which I'm sure your date would not appreciate. Plus, a black eye would really mess up the makeup we know you spent 2 hours on. 

Don't be a needy weirdo

Kiss Me

Nobody likes a stage 5 clinger. Being affectionate is sweet and cute, demanding kisses and hand holding is not. It's weird. Don't be weird. We've all taken a date who can't keep his hands to himself on and off the dance floor. Was it cute? No. Did you ever ask him to another function? Probably not. Learn from the mistakes of others, and don't be a needy weirdo.

Don't spend too long in the bathroom for any reason

Toilet Pug

Even if you're just chatting it up with some other girls, boys have quite the imagination when it comes to bathroom stuff. He'll assume you're puking or having explosive diarrhea. If either of those things happen, hopefully he'd be cool about it. But if you're just having a really in depth conversation, maybe move it to the hallway. Otherwise, he'll start looking for you and create mental images of you stuck on the toilet like this pug. 

Don't be an attention hog

Attention Hog

Don't get all butthurt if you think he's not paying enough attention to you. Don't forget that he's with all his friends tonight too! Instead of demanding attention, just join in and mingle with everybody! His friends are probably excited to meet his date, so jump in and socialize. Every other guy's date is probably feeling the same way, so band together and make some new friends. 

Don't get emotional

Amy Cry

Nobody knows what to do with the crying drunk girl. Just keep your emotions in check. It's not the time to break down over your roommate drama or have a melt down over the loss of Harambe. Think about smiling corgi puppies with fluffy little butts, Taco Bell $5 box combos, clearance sales at Nordstrom, and how much fun you're having at this formal. No tears. I repeat, NO TEARS. 

Don't puke


Self Explanatory.

Don't lose your balance!


Don't wear sky scraper heels that you can't walk in! It's possible to be comfy and stylish at the same time. You don't want to look like a baby deer with wobbly ankles all night. You'll look silly and you'll be absolutely miserable by the time the night's over! If you have to, ditch the shoes. Nobody would blame you for going barefoot. If anything, the other girls will worship you for setting a precedent. You can all band together, lose the heels, and boogie on the dance floor without impaling each other's feet with stilettos. 

No Mid-Party Naps

Passed Out Dog

Also self explanatory

Avoid doing these things, and y'all will have a killer time at your frat formal! 


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