Dad's Day: 8 Reasons We Love Our Dads

So, I don’t know about you, but when I came to college, I was clueless about so many things. I had no idea how to change a tire, how to fill out a W4, how to use a hammer, or how to keep track of money. But luckily for me, I have the best dad in the world who’s always just a phone call or text away, especially now that he knows how to use emojis. Dads are just the best. And even when you’re in college, he’s always there to help you when you have no idea what to do, or just need to vent. So, when Dad’s Day approaches, make the most of it to celebrate your old man, because he so deserves it for so many reasons.

1. He helped you move into your dorm and carried all the heavy stuff (and he’ll probably help you move out too). I mean, I know I didn’t wanna carry my mini fridge up seven flights of stairs in mid-August heat, but isn’t that what dads are for? He probably carried most everything in and lofted your bed for you, and any other heavy stuff, dad definitely moved. Not only that, but he did it without complaining even though his aging knees just aren’t made for this stuff anymore. Why? Because he’s your dad, and he loves you enough to move mountains for you. Well, not literally, but your box of shoes was pretty heavy. 

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2. He’s the one you call when you’re having a bad day. You get home after a long principles of biology lab that you just don’t understand, so what do you do? Call dad. You tell him, through a few tears, how college is so hard and you just can’t do it anymore. And because he’s a great dad, he tells you it’s all gonna be okay, you’re a smart kid, and he loves you. Then he tries to crack a really corny Dad Joke about biology and you automatically feel better, not because it was funny, but because your dad is so lame and you love him for it. 

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3. He gives the best advice. Really, if you’ve never asked your dad for advice, you’re missing out on a lot of wisdom. I know, I know, mom knows everything, but dad knows a thing or two about what it’s like to struggle as a young adult. Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten in life was from my dad, even if it came in a sports metaphor that I didn’t quite get. 

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4. He tells the best awful Dad Jokes. I’m serious, as much as I tell my dad he’s annoying, I secretly love it when he makes one of his famous jokes. Like most dads, he’s been using the same ones since 1991. The whole, “tap your shoulder and look around like it wasn’t him” joke? Classic. The best part is, he thinks it’s hilarious and will laugh at them as if he’s telling them for the first time. 

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5. He taught you everything you know about cars, starting with how to drive one. That alone scores him all the points in the world. How many times have we all seen a light on the dashboard and immediately freaked out and called dad? I don’t know how to change a tire. I don’t know how to check my oil. I don’t know what that weird symbol lit up on my dash means. But who always knows? Dad. He’ll always help you out of a parking ticket. Who knew you had to move your car on game weekends? He’s the one to call when you desperately need gas and your bank account, much like your gas tank, is empty. 

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6. He sends you pictures of your dogs with captions like, “look who misses you!”  He doesn’t know that it makes you wanna ugly cry because you miss your dogs so much, but it’s sweet nonetheless. We’ve all gotten that family group text from dad that’s just a long video of your dog running around outside, probably because he just figured out his phone can send videos. And sometimes the same video ends up on Facebook, because after all, the dog is just as much of a family member as you are. 

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7. He’ll proudly wear your sorority shirts. In fact, he looks forward to getting a Pi Phi Dad’s Day shirt to wear every time you’re home, because he loves the Comfort Colors and he loves being your dad. He’ll wear the game day buttons with your letters, take a picture (or ten, because his eyes were closed in nine of them) in front of the Dad’s Day banner and post it on Facebook for all his high school buddies to see and comment on, and he’ll love every minute of it. If there’s anything dads love, it’s good food and a free t-shirt to replace one of his from 1994 that your mom is just begging him to throw out. 

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8. He’s the best guy you know, and always will be. For all these reasons and more, your dad is your favorite guy in the world and you wouldn’t trade him for any other dad. There’s a lot of other reasons you love your dad, but the best thing is, they’re unique little things that make him who he is, like his obsession with dog videos on Facebook, his ability to watch golf for hours on end, and his mad skills on the grill for when you come home and you’re sick of dining hall food. He’s your biggest fan, your best friend, your shoulder to cry on, and the one who always bails you out when you need it. He’ll always help you when you’re filling out forms that you don’t understand. He knows how to help you make an impressive-sounding resume. He helped you understand football so you can impress the cutie in your business law class. 

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Dads are so cool, so don’t forget to tell your dad how much you love him. Because he’s the best, and you know it. 


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