If Gossip Girl Characters Were in Sororities


Gossip girl is one of the most popular TV shows for sorority girls. The good looking men, the impeccable fashion, and the juicy plot lines easily become addictive. Now imagine if our favorite characters joined sororities…

What letters would they wear? That’s the secret we’re here to tell. Xoxo, Gossip Girl.

Alpha Chi Omega- Eleanor Waldorf

Eleanor Waldorf is quite a matriarch. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. Although sometime it seems as though her daughter is an afterthought. She pulls through at the end and always a protective mother. Just how Alpha Chi Omega’s philanthropy is domestic abuse- Eleanor is able to recognize a marriage that would not serve Blair well.

Alpha Delta Pi- Lily van der Woodsen

It’s easy to say that Lily van der Woodsen almost started the Upper East Side regime. Just how Alpha Delta Pi was the first sorority ever. Lily loves to open her home for parties and for anyone who happens to fall on their feet. Similarly, Alpha Delta Pi’s philanthropy is Ronald McDonald house helping ill children and their families. Alpha Delta Pi’s motto is “We live for each other,” and this certainly holds true for Lily as she does live for her family.

Alpha Omricron Pi- Serena van der Woodsen

Serena is known for her charisma, good looks, and high energy. She can be the life of the party just like how any Alpha Omicron Pi is a natural attention getter! Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Columbia University in New York City, just how Serena rules the streets of the city that never sleeps.  Alpha Omicron Pi’s know exactly where they stand just as Serena does too. Their flower is a Rose, classy and effortless, just like our girl S.  

Delta Delta Delta – Dorota

Tri delta's might be the most lovable on campus just like Dorota, the easiest to love out of the entire Upper East Side. Dorota might not be glamorous but that hasn’t hindered her one bit in being a fan favorite. Tri Delt’s are sweet and smiley and it’s such a joy to pass them on the campus. Just as every time we catch a glimpse of sweet Dorota she is always ready with a warm smile. Tri Delt’s motto is “Let us Steadfastly love one another.” This is clear in Dorota’s unfailing love and nurturing of Blair through every exotic stunt she pulls.                                               

Chi Omega – Jenny Humphrey’s

Jenny is cute and quirky in her own way just like all those cute Chi Omega’s.  Jenny goes through some phases- mostly due to her naivety but none the less it always a good sister and friend. Just as the Chi Omega’s symbol is a skull and crossbones- fun, unique and different, we can totally see Jenny Humphrey’s sporting a Chi Omega Pin. Jenny was the first character to have her own spinoff novel and gain popularity for a single character, just as chi omega is the largest sorority with having over 300,000 members.

Pi Beta Phi- Vanessa Abrahms 

Pi Beta Phi’s are those girls you can’t help but be friends with. With her determination and consistence of being loyal and sticking to her individuality she is something we could all aspire to be. Just as we are drawn to Pi Beta Phi’s constant dedication to their philanthropy of literacy, having helped founded and support multiple organizations. Their colors are wine and silver blue, and we know we could see Vanessa using both of those in her effortlessly cool and bohemian outfits. 

Phi Mu – Blair Waldorf

Phi Mu’s are sweet and girls, a perfect combination for the biggest diva there is Blair Waldorf. Phi Mu’s colors are rose and white, and we know how well pink fits into Blair’s bedroom color scheme. Sometimes Blair’s intentions are not always clear, but deep down we all know Blair is a “good girl.” Blair is very social but knows how to keep her guard up- she is loving but she is fierce. This is represented in lions being a symbol of Phi Mu- sweet but can roar. Their motto is “The Faithful Sisters,” this is so highly represented in the friendship-practically-sisters relationship of Blair and Serena.

Kappa Kappa Gamma – Lola Rhodes

Although Lola’s appearances can be quick she is unforgettable, just as any Kappa is. Lola is half-sisters with Serena Van Der Woodsen. Similar to Kappa being “Monmouth Duo” with Pi Beta Phi, because both sororities were founded at the same college. Kappa’s motto is “Aspire to Be” and this is fitting for dear Lola, as she is aspiring to be both a sociality and an actress. Who knows maybe we could have watched those dreams come true- if Gossip Girl hadn’t revealed the secrets during season 6.

Zeta Tau Alpha – Ivy Dickens

Ivy Dickens can be quite the enigma on the Upper East Side. A symbol of Zeta’s is the crown, and we know how Ivy would do anything to be royalty of Upper East Side. In the last season Ivy has authored her own book called Ivy League, the only character to have a book. Zeta is the only sorority whose philanthropy is Breast Cancer Awareness.

Kappa Delta – Georgina Sparks

Georgina is a fan favorite for all the excitement she ignites just like Kappa Delta’s are always down for ad adventure. Kappa Delta’s colors are olive green and pearl white and there isn’t a different set of colors that would look as good as those two on dark- complected Georgina. One of the Kappa Delta’s national philanthropy is Girl Scouts, just as Georgina has a soft spot for children… seeing as she has her own! 


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