If Rappers Were in Fraternities

If Rappers Were Fraternity Members

You hear their songs in every frat. Name a night when you haven’t heard Back to Back, Famous, or Kno One. They travel across the nation in the spring to frat’s houses across the country, performing for rowdy crowds in dirty houses. There’s the throwback artists and the ones that are featured on every song. Now imagine if they were all in a fraternity together…

Kanye- President

The man, the myth, the legend. He calls himself Yeezy and has openly tweeted his potential President candidacy. He doesn’t play by the rules he sets him. If Kanye wasn’t set as President he might have another Taylor Swift VMA’s and steal the microphone at elections. There’s really no reason why he shouldn’t be President, plus he could have the Kardashian’s at every formal.

Jay Z- Vice President

He might not be as bold as Yeezy but the man has been around the block for a while. He knows how to keep things going. The man married the biggest Goddess on the face of the planet. Don’t underestimate him, and his raps that are generational.

Drake- Risk Management

This lover-boy seems to release another top hit every time he goes through a breakup. You know he will watch out for the fraternity as to not get in trouble with IFC the same way. But even if the house got on probation for semester, poor little Drake might release another banger and the ladies would flock. Either way drake’s heartbreaks would keep him from having too good of a time on Thursday nights.

Tyga- Social Chair

He’s basically the male version of a cougar. He knows how to have a good time and would kill it as the social chair. He has his own famous singles that are popular among a younger crowd. His singles are the kind that get stuck in your head for hours and you are bound to hear it at every party you go to. Everyone needs a Tyga as their social chair.

2 Chains- Academic Chair

Although spelling might not be his forte, as surprising as it is he has a college degree. He is pretty good at rhyming and keeps things simple. Maybe he would implement a policy where you get to where a chain if you can a 4.0?? HA.

Childish Gambino- House Manager

He is a jack of all trades. He assumes the title of Donald Glover, an actor, a comedian, and a writer. There’s nothing he can’t do and when it comes to fraternity houses you need to be able to do a lot of things. His raps are clever and so would his house keeping skills.

Eminem- Treasurer

When it comes to many you want your dues in the right hands. Eminem has a pretty clean track record. Being the most responsible of the boys you don’t want your chapter going downhill for money problems. Eminem will

Snoop Dog- Philanthropy

He’s had his highs and lows but somehow everyone still knows who ole Snoop is. He has had a couple name changes and the different philanthropy events will have some name changes too. Snoop still has a good heart, and will make sure there are great turn outs at the events

Nicki Minaj- Sweetheart

If she were a boy you know she’d be the most coveted rushee. She runs that frat more than Yeezy. She can get any member to do anything for her, she knows the ins and outs. Her picture at the top of the composite has her in true Nikki clothes, and it’s not unheard of for Anaconda to be blaring.

Wiz Khalifa – Rush Chair

He’s notorious. You will here Wiz’s songs when the drop on the top 10 countdown over and over until your ears bleed. With a reputation like that you want his reputation to reach high and wide and get those boys.


Horary Members

They might not have a big position of power in the house, but they’ll contribute just as much.

Fetty Wap

Every girl loves a good Fetty song. Put on 679 and watch them go. He can get any girl aged 18-22 from East to West coast.

Lil Wayne

WEEZYYYY. He’s got an interesting track record but bring him and his entourage of the whole Young Money and you have quite possible the best rappers of the 2000’s in one place at once.

Chris Brown

He is at times Risk Management’s worst nightmare but he’s got some of this decades biggest bangers and you know it. If Rhi Rhi shows up we might have a little problem.

Travis Porter

He isn’t the most responsible but come on, when have you been in a frat house when you haven’t heard “AYYEEEE LADIES” and everyone has gone crazy?

Kevin Gates

He’s been the biggest rapper of 2015 and 2016. His legacy hasn’t been establishes yet but big things are coming for Mr. Gates.




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