Inner Dialogue of Different Members at Initiation

Inner-Dialogue of Different Members at Initiation

Senior- Oh my gosh, this is one of the last initiations I will ever see. Can’t decide if I am happy or sad about leaving the cult. I might be happy when I realize I will not have to sit here in a dark, church for four hours. But sad because I all of these weird things we do are really meaningful after four years.  I’ll probably bawl at our senior dinner let’s be honest. Oh… we’re starting! Here ya go little pledges, welcome to the best four years of your life.


Chapter Advisor- Here we are, another initiation. Every year something goes wrong; its inevitable at this point. At least the new members won’t even know if it’s a mishap. I bet a mom will come up after me and tell me “Back at my chapter in ’87 we did things a little different. You can’t just take (name a very minute detail, that is pointless) that out.” Then I’ll be stuck trying to cover the ritual chair’s butt for the next ten minutes to only come home tonight to a facebook friend request and an invite to her book club. Girls… even as the grow older never change.


Excited New Member- OH MY GOSH. It’s finally here. I am going to be a real sorority girl. I’ve been waiting for this for pretty much my whole life. I tried googling our initiation ritual online so I could be extra prepared, they weren’t kidding when they said we keep this stuff top secret. I cannot wait to finally wear our pin, I will seriously be the best member ever. They keep saying stuff about now I can fined and whatnot. Little do they know I will be going to everything; sorority is life.


Scared New Member- Why are all the lights off? Why I am in all white? This is so weird. Is this when I finally get hazed? Oh no. I’ve been asking all the older members about initiation for weeks trying to get something out of them… got nothing. That means it must be really bad and they don’t want to scare me. Ugh. They keep telling me now I can get fined. Great, more stuff I have to go to. Maybe I can just do the bare minimum and I’ll still be able to graduate a member.


Big/Initiator- Wow my little finally becomes my sister today! I think I am more excited than she is. I hope I don’t mess up what I am supposed to say, talk about embarrassing. I just wish we could get to our part and move on, it takes so long. But I am so excited to see my little’s face, she’s going to be so confused, a good confused though. After this she can finally come to formal chapter with me, yay! More big/little dates.


Typical Member- Here we go again. I have such a love/hate relationship with initiation. I love that only the members get to know what it is. But I hate having to come, dressed in all white. It is kind of weird too. I like to watch how confused all the new members are, welcome to the club girls.  Do you know how many other things I could be doing right now? Our chapter advisor keeps lecturing us to remember how special it was to us when we were initiated. Alright, I guess I must channel my inner sorority girl, initiation is fun, initiation is fun, initiation is fun.


Pledge Mom- I can’t believe after this all my children will be full-fledged members. This has been the craziest roller coaster being their mom. I mean it’s not every day you wake up a mom to a hundred 18 year old girls. Sometimes they made me want to pull my hair out, after they would ask me the same question over and over and over. Yes, you have to dress up on days we have chapter. Yes, all the older members did it when were in your shoes. Yes, you do have to come to our new member meetings. No, you cannot come inside to formal chapter. But I will still probably cry at the end of this. This pledge class will always be my babies!


President- Here we go. I really hope the girls take this serious, after all this is a big deal. I don’t want the wrath of the alumni board.  Someone’s going to show up super late and throw the whole thing off, happens every year. What do they not understand about 7 o’clock sharp? Oh no, the alumnae are here. They will pinpoint if anything goes wrong, and want to stop and chat after. It still freaks me out that I am pretty much the master of ceremonies, I feel like the chief of a tribe or something super weird when I do this. What if I catch something or someone on fire with a candle? I’ll have to resign from this immediately. I’ll probably just have to quit being a member. I can see the headlines now “Local girl lit on fire during sorority initiation.” Why did I just put that thought into my head?


Mom of Legacy- Wow my baby girl is now becoming my sister. I have been waiting for this since I found out I was having a girl. I hope initiation is just how I remember it, it was so peaceful. I might tear up when I pin her. I hope this sisterhood means as much to her as it did to me. Wow, she looks so cute dressed in white.


Rather we like it or not, initiation into a sorority is a BIG DEAL. The final and most important part of being a member. Even if we might not necessarily enjoy going to it, once we get there we are reminded how special of a time it is. It’s nice to get back to our roots, even if we are dressed all in white.






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