Memes That Describe Sorority Pledgeship

Look, joining a sorority is a whirlwind. It’s so exciting, you have all these new friends in a matter of a day, there’s all these people throwing t-shirts and canvases and fanny packs and water bottles with your new favorite colors and letters, you’re getting stuffed lions/owls/bears/dolphins and invitations to lunch with your new member mentor, but she has a clever title like “owl pal” or something like that. And then you’re also trying to learn all the names of the girls in your pledge class, and throughout your freshman year, you’re just figuring this whole sorority thing out. And some of us had older sisters or moms or older friends to show us the ropes, but some of us had literally no idea what we were getting into and joined the sorority life totally unprepared. We get that. It’s super confusing even if you are prepared, and we know that with spring rush coming up around the same time that some super relatable and hilarious memes have been circulating the Internet, it’s just too funny for us to ignore jumping in on the fun and reliving our pledging glory days. We'll be waving from the porch, y'all.

You remember that moment on bid day when you’re all about to open your bid cards, the sweat and anticipation and fear of not getting the house you want circulating in the air. It’s been a long week of rush, you’re tired but wired with excitement and anxiety, you just wanna open it already but you can’t until they count to three, or whatever. The countdown begins, the director of Greek life tells you to open your bid cards, and in an instant it gets so loud and people start running and you have no idea how to read for a split second but you see that you got the house you wanted and you don’t know why but you’re running and you don’t really know where you’re going and it’s something like this.

And you’re so happy, and you’re just thinking about how worth it that long that week of recruitment was. At some point, you really thought you’d never see the end. Day 4, while sitting around with your rush group and your recruitment counselor, you thought you’d never see the other side. You were convinced that, while sitting around not being allowed to have your phone or basically anything but chapstick and your student ID, there is no other side. But here we are. It was worth it, pal.

But you know, there’s a lot to learn when you join a sorority. And surprisingly, a lot to do, as well. There’s a lot of pep rallies, mixers with the new pledge classes of fraternities, functions, and not to mention, dressing up for class on Mondays. And of course, there’s study hours, and you’re sitting there looking like this while trying to calculate in your head how many hours you’ll need to sacrifice for sleeping so you can put in enough hours pomping.

Being a sorority girl is awesome, especially when it’s new to you. You never get tired of people asking what sorority you’re in, just so you can beam with pride when you tell them. Because, obviously, you belong to the best house on campus. But sometimes, those annoying, jealous jerks feel the need to talk loudly about how they “don’t need to buy their friends” and they “don’t believe in the exclusive nature of Greek life” and “all sorority girls are dumb and spoiled” and you’re just like:

But you calmly explain why sorority girls are not dumb, spoiled, exclusive, and all the other insulting things they say. Because hello? We have study hours, we have community service events, and when was the last time these judgmental buttheads did community service or raised money for something they’re passionate about? But you present this argument with class, because you’re classy af.

And then time comes for big/little reveal. And all week, you get hints from your new big as to who they are, all the while they spoil you with little gifts like t-shirts and your favorite candy. I mean, how did she know that Sour Patch Kids are your favorite candy? And when you finally find out who your big is, it’s the happiest day of your entire life, and obviously everyone is arguing over which big/little duo is the best in your whole chapter (it’s yours, duh).

But don’t get it twisted, being in a sorority isn’t all fun and games. There’s study hours, last minute events, and serious events that you have to try really hard not to giggle during. I mean, obviously you still love it, but it always seems like those last minute mandatory events pop up the same week your midterm paper is due, or the same two days you have a shift at work and a huge business law test. It’s like every time you think you’ve got your life under control, your time managed well, you get an email from your sorority about a mandatory event like:

All in all, your time pledging a sorority is unforgettable. By the end of your pledgeship, you not only have a million new friends (and endless closet options at your disposal, just a GroupMe text away), but you’ve grown in ways you didn’t think possible. You’re forever loyal to your letters, and you’ve learned all about sisterhood and carrying yourself with the dignity and grace that your house is known for. You’ve learned how to go to functions like a pro, how to promote your philanthropy on social media, how to speak to your professors professionally, how to help a sister in need. You can’t imagine your college experience without your sorority. And now, the biggest moment of your life is here: time to get initiated, and you’ll be walking out of the house after initiation like


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