When You and Your Best Friend are in Different Sororities told by Hannah Montana

When You and Your Best Friend are in Different Sororities

You have your right hand woman. She is your ride or die. You know that she will have your back no matter what. You have done your fair share of shenanigans together, and have experienced all the proper bonding to be deemed BFFL’s. You have the label, you can quote your Instagram captions “Name a better duo…I’ll wait…” You share your time together, you share clothes, and you even share food. But the one thing you do not share is letters. You are in separate houses.

Being in separate houses has it perks. It isn’t all negative. Think about all the good things it has to offer. Such as you get to learn about the inner workings of another chapter. You know who is on their executive boards and the inner workings of their house systems. You know exactly the requirements to be able to attend formals and what happens when you get in trouble for not making grades. Sometimes you even catch yourself paying more attention to their sorority drama then your own.

You are pretty much an honorary member. You know their function themes, who is in trouble with discipline and their house mom knows you on a first name basis. You know the date of all their philanthropy events too. Bonus points if you know ritual secrets.

You can take them to date functions. Need a date and don’t have a boyfriend? You can take your best friend from another chapter. She will not leave you hanging like a boy can, and she will appreciate how much time and effort you put into your smokey eye. She will be a great date and won’t complain about how many pictures you have to take.

You will never get sick of them. I mean there is a chance that you could. But you will have to spend some time apart during the week (aka chapter) you won’t be with each other for actually 24/7. Each of you most likely has a group of friends in your separate sororities so when you all come together you have double the friends.

You can be popular amongst two set of friends. More likes on Instagram duh! But seriously, you will have more friends because of this. It might just be one. But you won’t be one of those people who only had friends inside your sorority (obvs), and who doesn’t love a larger social circle?!?

Nobody will steal your t- shirts. She won’t just casually take your Founder’s day shirt because she thought she ordered a grey size large but really has a navy. There will be no mix up. There’s different letters on the frocket, obviously. Everything you have cumulated being a srat star, from bid day to senior brunch, it is yours to keep.

Your wardrobe will double. That dress she wore to her semi formal, well she won’t be repeating it anytime soon. You have a dress ready and you didn’t even have to go out of your way to find it. You two can swap dresses for different formals and nobody will even know.

You don’t even get sad when a PNM who goes through rush picks her house over yours. You know that girls who love her the way you love her are worth pledging. Bonus points if you meet a PNM and know she’ll fit in there perfectly.

You are the literal definition of Greek unity. On campuses it can be very easy to stick to your pod in your own chapter. It can be quite a novel idea to have a best friend in another house. You will be what Panhellenic represents.





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