All The Stuff You Buy After Pledging Told by Kanye

All the Stuff You Buy After Pledging told by Kanye

When you first get your bid to the sorority you are a walking, talking, giant sorority girl from head to toe. Everything you owned had to have letters on it. EVERYTHING. There wasn’t one thing you owned that was not branded with Greek letters. It was your own right of passage. Water bottle with letters? Yes. Pencils with letters? Yes. Water with letters on it? You would probably buy it. They could see you coming. The world needed to know you had entered sorority world and you were proud of it. But of course with this knew found identity you often purchased things that now you wouldn’t normally buy. Which now results in a giant conglomeration of useless stuff with your letters on it. Some of it is cute, some of it is not.

1.      Vests with Letters on Them

Congrats you just bought a perfectly cute vest and had your letters monogrammed on them. Now this vest is good to go for the next 8 plus years but even post-college you’re going to be sporting those letters. You can be a posh alumni.

2.      Cups

I know, I know, some of these came in your bid day bag. Don’t act like you didn’t buy more. They’re cute and I hope your dishwasher didn’t wipe all the paint off of them. You look srat as heck carrying them into a pregame.

3.      Rain Jacket

This will come in handy multiple times in life because Mother Nature is relentless. This is pretty useful and I would even be willing to bet that you called and begged your mom for one the first semester of pledging. You can wear it even after college just disregard the giant letters that are monogrammed on the left side.

4.      Pointless Stickers

These came in by the bucket loads when you first pledged. They came in a lot of different colors and you had to have every single last one. You then continued to plaster them on your laptop, your water bottle, your car, your binders, and your dog. Kidding. But man did they see you coming when you were covered in stickers from head to toe.

5.      Water Bottles

This is a must. Everyone needs a water bottle, gotta stay hydrated. Everyone carries a water bottle but not everyone carries one with letters on it. Actually every sorority girl carries a water bottle with letters on it, but that’s a small fraction of water-bottle-carrying population. You can use this again after graduation if you can manage to pull the letters off.

6.      Headbands

There’s a fat chance that you won’t be wearing this after graduation. There is an even bigger chance that you won’t even wear this after freshman year. But we all bought one with letters on it. Typical right of passage. Take those seflies with letters on your hairline, you can only do it once.

7.      Bags

This probably was your bid day bag. No shame if you bought another one. Unless you are discriminatory against the types of bags you use you can use this for a while. 30 years old and still trekking to the beach with your sorority bag in tow.

8.      Towels

This can be a little much because regular towels work the same. But when you have community showers you needed to stand out a bit. What better way than to prevent your towel from being taken then having letters printed on them.

9.      Key Chains

Keys are an essential part of life unless you like leaving your home and/or car wide open for everyone to come and go as they please. The best way to show your loyalty because you take your keys everywhere you go is with a giant key chain.

10.  Jerseys

This is a total rookie mistake. Unless you play every sport under the sun you might wear this once for your intramural game. You might wear it for a spring party or maybe even spring break. But are you going to casually wear a jersey to class on a Friday? Probably not. You can’t really get away with wearing a jersey out in the real world as well. 


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