Benefits of Going Through Sorority Recruitment As Told By Elle Woods

Thinking about going Greek?

Recruitment is a lot of things, but easy isn’t one of them. However by the end of it, you’ll realize just why it was all worth it. The long hours and the little sleep - SO WORTH IT. If you don’t take our word for it, then maybe you’ll take it from the sorority queen herself, Elle Woods.

New friendships

There’s no way you can finish recruitment without making new friends. You’re constantly around other girls during it and chances are you’re going to make some great friendships along the way. You may even meet your best friend! It’s the perfect time to mingle with upcoming freshman like you. It helps to get to know some people before school starts so that you can have people to sit with in your classes. This is an especially good opportunity for students coming from out of state that may not have as many friends from high school coming to college with them. You won’t realize it at the time, but the people you meet going Greek could be your future bridesmaids.


You’ll most likely get some cute t-shirts for just signing up! Whether you realize it yet or not, your days of looking cute for class are over. It may have come easy to you in high school to throw together a Pinterest worthy outfit. However in college, when you’re walking to your 8:00 classes, you’re going to feel lucky if your socks match. T-shirts become a key part of your wardrobe, because they’re just so comfy and easy! Even Elle Woods knew when it was time to just throw on the sweatshirt. So any chance you get to collect more, do it. If you decide to go Greek, there’s plenty more t-shirts coming your way.

Leadership Opportunities

If you were really involved in clubs and student organizations in high school, this is the perfect opportunity to continue your involvement. Elle Woods was president of her sorority, but even if you don’t want to do something that big, going Greek allows you to have multiple chances to run for a position on a board. Whether it be your sorority’s committees or your school’s Greek council, there are lots of different positions out there. Plus, gaining a higher position looks great when you go to get your real world job.

Resume builder

You may not realize it, but going Greek is a great way to prepare you for your future job endeavors. Along with holding leadership positions, you can also add lots of community service to your resume when you join a sorority. Every sorority has a philanthropy they support and continually raise funds for. There are probably going to be multiple events throughout each year that you will help with in some way. Not only that, but you can network through your sorority with the older girls and alumni. Networking opportunities are at your fingertips when you’re surrounded with that many people, you just have to figure out whom to talk to.

Academic support

Sometimes school requires a little extra help, and that’s okay! Elle couldn’t have made it into Harvard without the help of her fellow sisters to keep her focused. While your college probably provides tutors on campus, sometimes it’s easier to sit down with someone you know personally. Your sisters want you to succeed, so by going Greek you gain support and tutors you didn’t even know existed! Even though you may be struggling with a certain class, you may have a sister who excels at that particular subject and will probably be willing to help you out. Not to mention, instead of paying them in cash they will probably accept Starbucks drinks and Chick-fil-a instead. It’s a pretty fair trade to a college student. You can also form group study sessions at the sorority house right before a big test. Studying becomes a little more bearable when you’re surrounded with friends. 

Constant fun

If there’s one obvious reason to go Greek, it’s because of the fun and exciting things that lie ahead. Gone are the days of wondering what to do on a Friday night or who to take out to eat. Your planner is going to be booked once you write down every event and meeting you’ll have coming up. But the best part is that you actually look forward to all of it, because it’s with people you love.

So if you’re looking for a way to enjoy college while making lifelong friendships, then going through recruitment is the perfect start.


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