Bid Day For Those Who Know Nothing About Bid Day

Maybe you’re a PNM (Potential New Member) who knows nothing about the rush process, maybe you’re a parent who doesn’t know what to expect, maybe you’re just confused as to why there’s a lot of screaming, balloons, and glitter all over your campus at the beginning of fall semester. By definition, bid day is the last day of recruitment, in which potential new members are invited to join chapters and become new members. But all of us Greek girls know that it is so, so, SO much more than that. Still confused? Well, have no fear, we’ll take it a little bit at a time and by the end, you’ll know so much about bid day, you’ll be chanting all day.

So, you wanna experience the most magical day of the year? Early in the morning after a long week of rush, campus is quiet, but not for long. PNMs are in their dorm rooms, picking the perfect shorts to match anything, because you never know what your bid day tank will look like. They’re making sure their makeup is perfect, because bid day requires a LOT of group pics that you’ll have for the rest of your life. Active members are painting each other’s faces, tossing glitter all over their arms, blowing up balloons, and getting super psyched about the girl they get to welcome home. 

Not only is this exciting for the PNMs, getting to find the place they’ll call home for the next four years and the rest of their lives, but the members of the sororities just can’t WAIT to see their babies come home. They’ve been working hard all week to make sure they get the right girls for their houses. Sleepless nights, endless singing and chanting, and showing the girls what their sisterhood is all about are all about to pay off. They’ve lost their voices, they’ve consumed more caffeine than they thought possible, but it’s so worth it. 

There’s a lot to be done before bid day can even start. Decorating the house lawn, making goodie baskets for the new members, making name signs for the girls in the shape of your symbol (this explains why you see girls around campus holding a key/owl/crown/etc. with their name on it), and so many more. It can be pretty exhausting. But even though you’re exhausted from crafting and waking up at the crack of dawn, you’ve got your excitement, love for sisterhood, and Starbucks on your side to keep you going. At this point, the barista working the early shift knows your name, the girls in your daily carpool’s names, and all your drink orders. Extra shot of espresso? Don’t mind if I do. 

On the other hand, the PNMs are nervous and excited to become members. Their Gamma Chi’s, recruitment counselors that are members of Greek houses but can’t tell which one all week, are itching to see how their girls did. The PNMs are dying to know if their Gamma Chi will become their sister. They get their bid cards but can’t open them yet. The wait is killing them, but little do they know that they’ll be loved to death no matter where they go. 

It’s time to open the envelope and go home to your new sisterhood. What’ll it be? Will you put on your crown as a Zeta? Get out that lyre and be an Alpha Chi? Drop the anchor and stay with DG? There are just so many possibilities. Your pulse is rushing, you can barely open your envelope, and you momentarily forget how to read. And then… 

Before you know it, you’re running towards your new sisterhood and there’s a girl waiting for you with your name on your symbol, screaming and chanting. She’s hugging you and jumping up and down, and you’re hugging her and jumping up and down, and it’s all giggly and smiley and just so exciting. She’s got you covered in glitter, which is now your life—the glitter never goes away (but why would you want it to?). You take about a thousand pics with your new sisters in your pledge class, AKA your future bridesmaids, and you enjoy all the bid day festivities. Your mom and dad are here too, they’re so proud that they drove 5 hours to come and celebrate with you. Your new older sisters are just dying to take you to lunch at a local favorite spot, and even though you’re stuffed from all the bid day snacks at the house, you obviously go. You’re just dying to hang out with your new sisters!!

So what happens now? You’re a sister!!! Get ready for pep rallies, functions, coke dates, tailgates, dad’s day, philanthropy week, Greek sing, and all that comes with it, because you’re a sister!!! Well, technically, not yet, not until you’re initiated. But here it is, it’s happening: it’s the best day of the year. All over town, in every shop, every boutique, sorority bid day is the highlight. Everyone is displaying their goods: stickers, wall décor, socks, cups, hats, buttons, and, of course, Houndstooth sorority tees and tanks so everyone knows what house you belong to. Gotta have a srat tank for every day of the first week of school, obviously. And going to class without a button on your backpack? How will people know where your loyalty lies? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

And even though bid day is over, the best four years of your life have only just begun. These girls are the ones who you’ll explore the new town with, struggle through business law with, study for principles of biology with, and do life with. It may be over for today, but the best is yet to come. The best part of your college experience is starting now, with the best people that you’ll be best friends with forever. Just wait until the next best day of your life…. INITIATION!! 


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