Freshman Recruitment Responses and Senior's Answers

Freshman Recruitment Questions and Senior’s Responses

It’s that time of the year. Early spring has sprung and sorority row is getting ready for recruitment ready. Despite the fact that there is an entire week dedicated to preparing for this, sometimes called work week; in sorority world nothing is taken lightly and everything is competition. It’s the first time that new members can learn what the other side of recruitment team is actually like. From one confused freshman to the next here is their inner dialogue.

1.     What could we possibly be learning for 6 whole hours?

The world is your oyster little freshman, you have no idea. You’ll be even more baffled that you have to learn stuff for 7 days straight. 6 hours is nothing. Plus, you could use the work. Your bumps are looking sloppy and you clearly aren't good at this yet. No complaining and walk faster. 

2.     Why is our recruitment director yelling??

This is nothing, you are going to get your little butt yelled at from sun up to sun down. She doesn’t really care that you don’t get it, learn to get it. You need to learn real quick or the other chapter members are going to get mad at you anyhow.

3.     Why do we have to be so close to each other during door stack?

You better learn to love the smell of the other girl’s hairspray. Even if it is white rain, and you know it came from the dollar store. Smell and weep. The bruises you get on your legs are going to be there for two weeks come August. Love the pain, it’s for the PNM’s.

4.     Why do they keep telling us to chant louder?

You are probably thinking to yourself right now, I cannot physically scream any louder. If you still have a voice by the end of this then you’re doing something wrong. Your ears should be ringing for the next 24 hours. Chant louder, it’s the one obligation you have to this chapter.

5.     Why are they being so serious about scoring?

Is there something you don’t get about why scoring is important? This is top secret information. Don’t abuse the privilege. This is how our rush can go wrong is if you don’t score yet. Nobody has mercy if you don’t pay attention to scoring and your rush crush gets cut.

6.     We can’t even talk to each other?

There’s no reason why you should be talking to each other. Pay attention. If you’re talking to each other that means you have less of a voice to talk to a PNM. Stop being chatty cathy’s and learn to listen. Or you are going to continually get yelled at.

7.     I thought this was supposed to be fun?

Everyone says you get to have the time of your life but you have to work for it. There is no guarantee that you will have fun, just a slight chance. Work hard get a good pledge class and it might come.

8.     Why do they keep telling us that we have the best sisterhood?

That my innocent little freshman is true. We were not lying when we told you this 6 months ago during recruitment that you would find a home here. The best thing is you did. You don’t have to be yelled at for this one, it’s simply true. Sing it from the rooftop little freshman, you joined the best. 


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