How To Choose A Bid Day Theme

Bid Day, aka the best day of your new pledge class’s life, takes a lot of preparation. Recruitment in general takes a long time to prepare, and Bid Day is the best part of the week because you finally get to welcome your girls home. So obviously when choosing your Bid Day theme, there’s a lot to take into consideration. You wanna choose something fun and unique, but still fits the vibe of your tribe. We’re here to help.

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1. Stay true to you, boo. Every sorority has a certain vibe to them. That’s how girls come together and form a family; they join together with like-minded girls to have a strong sisterhood and a family environment. That’s how you know when you visit different houses which one is right for you. And that’s a great thing, because it makes it possible for girls to choose a house among all the awesome ones. Obviously your house is the most awesome, but give credit where credit is due: your fellow sororities are also awesome. So you wanna choose a Bid Day theme that fits your house’s feel. Look, if you’re a house full of super business savvy, future pantsuit wearing ladies (rock on), it might not fit if you choose an ACDC hard rock theme. Make sure the theme welcomes your girls home by giving out your true vibe, and be true to yourselves, because that’s the whole point of joining a sorority.

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2. Do your research. You might reeeally love the 90’s theme, but if it’s becoming super popular in the last couple of years, odds are, it’s gonna be really popular on your campus this year. Keep your ears open, and if you’re hearing a lot about 90’s, odds are you won’t be the only 90’s house on the block, and that’s a little awkward. Doing what’s trendy can be difficult territory, because it’s very possible that you won’t be the only ones, and it’s really likely that you’ll see your theme on Instagram for awhile

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3. However, don’t let fear get in the way of a good theme. Odds are there will never be a 100% original theme. I mean, there’s a first time for everything, but we know there’s only so many good Bid Day theme ideas and there are thousands upon thousands of sorority chapters in the nation. You don’t have to bend over backwards to do something no one else has ever done. If you come up with an idea you haven’t seen anyone else do, and it would be super fun, then by all means, do it. But if you try to come up with something completely new every single year, your themes might be an obvious attempt at originality that didn’t quite work. It’s okay to use a theme you’ve seen on someone else’s Instagram.

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4. Understand the difference between a good idea and a way-too-obscure inside joke. As awesome as it is that a lot of girls in your house are super into Lord of the Rings, bear in mind that, especially if you’re a particularly large chapter, not everyone has seen/read Lord of the Rings, and it might make some girls feel like they don’t belong because they’re not in on the joke. That’s not to say you can’t use movies or books, because it can work. It can be done well. Just don’t choose something that would only be fun for girls who are into that particular thing.

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5. You can totally draw inspiration from pop culture. Like mentioned in the last point, going too obscure can create some accidental exclusivity. However, there are plenty of TV shows/films/pop culture phenomenon themes that can succeed even if some girls have no idea what it is. For example, Harry Potter could either be really obscure and exclusive, or it can be a magical theme, and who doesn’t love a little magic? And besides, Bid Day is magical in its own right, so it can easily work. Like if you’re doing bid day for Chi Omega, it’d work just fine; red and yellow are the Gryffindor colors, the mascot is owls, and how cute would a pic on the porch of your owl pal holding the sorting hat over your head, sorting you into Chi Omega? This can work for other sororities who share colors with other Hogwarts houses (Kappa shares Ravenclaw colors, KD shares Slytherin colors, Theta shares Hufflepuff colors, etc…) and even girls who have never seen Harry Potter in their lives can appreciate the idea of Bid Day being magical. See, it can totally work if done right.

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6. Less is more. Sometimes there’s all this pressure to come up with the most clever, intricate bid day themes that will go viral online. But sometimes a fairly simple theme goes a lot further of a way than something that feels like it’s trying too hard. Know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing a classic theme, or even focusing less on a specific theme and more of just theming the day around what makes your house great. What matters most is that your new babies feel at home, so as long as it comes from the heart of your house, it’ll totally work.

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7. Make it about the new sisters. There are some events that we do in sororities that are all about what the senior pledge class has been wanting to do for years, and there’s a time and place for those. But Bid Day is always about the new sisters you’re welcoming home, and that’s the most important thing to consider when planning your Bid Day. No, you don’t know these girls as well as you know each other (yet), but this day is all about them, and making them feel welcomed home. So while it’s fun to plan what you and your current sisters would find so much fun, always remember that you’ve already had your Bid Day, and this day is not about you. It’s about your new babies, and loving on them.


The most important thing to remember is to have fun and make it enjoyable for your new sisters. This is their day to come home, and you get to welcome them with a huge celebration and open arms. Happy Bid Day!!


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