How To Prepare For Sorority Recruitment

How To Prepare For Sorority Recruitment

Recruitment is an exciting thing to go through! There are so many things you can look forward to and ways you can better prepare yourself for it. We’ve got your back, girl.

DO: Sign up!


First and foremost, signing up is the most important part of this process. Although it may seem obvious, some girl’s choose to think about it a little longer and end up missing the deadline. If it’s something you’ve thought about for a while and are willing to at least give it a shot, then go ahead and sign yourself up! There’s no harm in trying. Plus, even if it doesn’t work out, you will probably get some cute t-shirts out of the deal.

 DON’T: Talk to current members about recruitment during the summer before

While this rule doesn’t apply to all schools, a lot of sororities are strict on their policies about talking to potential new members after a certain date. Don’t worry though; this is just put in places to give everyone a fair shot! If you have questions it’s best just to get them out earlier in the year.

DO: Get recommendation letters

It never hurts to get some recommendation letters so the sororities can get a better understanding of you. Sometimes it’s hard to judge a person based on a fifteen minute conversation so if they have a letter they can go off of that may help their decision! You can do this by reaching out to any alumni that were a part of a sorority and ask them to write one for you. Chances are they’ll be happy to do it because they remember what an exciting time it was for them going through recruitment, too. Even if you don’t know someone personally in a certain sorority, sometimes the national alumni associations will offer to write one for you if you will send them your resume and some facts about you. People are here to help you as long as you ask!

DON’T: Bank on a certain sorority

Please, please, please do not plan on going into recruitment with expectations of joining a certain sorority. Just because you got a glowing rec letter, your sister and mother were both members, and you know girls currently in the chapter, doesn’t mean you get an automatic bid. It’s important to know this because some girls don’t believe it to be true. Even if you do have all of those connections, ultimately this process is about YOU. So if you show up and don’t click with the girls, you didn’t do anything wrong, it just means you’re meant to go elsewhere! There’s a place for everybody, so don’t plan on dismissing certain sororities because you have expectations for another. You’ll find your own home and you’ll know where that is once you begin recruitment. 

DO: Try to find some outfits during the summer

This part varies with different colleges. Some colleges actually provide the t-shirts you will wear during recruitment, which is nice because all you really need to worry about is finding some cute shorts and sandals. However some colleges do require you to pick out what you wear, which can also be nice because you can show off your own unique style. Either way, chances are you will probably be asked to wear at least one nice dress and it’s important to plan ahead for that. Pick out your dress early so you know exactly what shoes and accessories are needed and you won’t have to stress about it during recruitment.

DON’T: Freak out!!!!!!

This is an important one! Even though recruitment can sometimes be stressful, especially if you don’t know many people going through it with you, it’s nothing to be scared of. It’s actually a really cool process and you’ll meet tons of fun people along the way. You may even meet your potential best friend during recruitment, and that’s such an awesome thing to look forward to. People will always spread scary rumors about certain sororities or recruitment as a whole, but if you don’t go in with any expectations you’re going to be pleasantly surprised that’s it not as scary as you’ve heard. Just relax and be yourself, that’s all they want of you!

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