How to Survive Recruitment Workshops

How to Survive Recruitment Workshops

It’s that time of the year again. The sun is shining the birds are chirping and here we go… recruitment workshops. It’s PNM season. Let the games begin. On any random weeknight you can hear the faint sounds of sorority girls dying a slow and painful death and the echo of door stack chants.  The games of recruitment have not even began, and the word bid day is being muttered. Even with the faint hint of excitement the dreaded workshops have commenced and while tedious but necessary there are a few ways to survive the rigorous few hours .


1.     Don’t have a bad attitude.

This just kind of goes for life in general. Nobody likes a negative Nelly. Recruitment is what you make it. Have some fun with it, clap loud and chant even louder.

2.     Actually try.

It’s a given you don’t want to spend your free time practicing bumping. But it’s only two hours of your life, come on now. You don’t want to be the one girl who prevents the whole sorority from leaving early because you decided that you don’t want to try.

3.     Don’t suck!

This one can be tricky. But the fact that you are already in a sorority is speaking wonders for you. You must not suck completely. Check yourself before your wreck yourself.

4.     Eat before you come.

Nobody likes hangry people and nobody likes to be hangry. The next two hours of your life are going to suck if you have not had breakfast/lunch/dinner.

5.     Respect your rush chair.

Bow down little one. Kidding, but your rush chair hasn’t even shown you what crazy is yet. She is literally donating her whole life for an entire year for the benefit of the sisterhood, notice that. Don’t talk while she is talking and all should be well.

6.     Be on time.

This is one of those life things. Show up where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be. There is nothing worse than having to wait for people who decided to take their sweet time. Don’t be that girl.

7.     Don’t complain.

Recruitment for the most part sucks. We all know that, there really isn’t any compelling reason why you need to tell everyone around you all the time about how much you don’t want to do this. You are just bringing down the mood and it does not get anyone anywhere.

8.     Listen!

You get a large amount of 18-22 year old girls together and taking ensues. It is inevitable but it can be controlled. It really does not matter to anyone who you saw at that party you went to last night, or how stressed you are about your paper due this week. Shut upppppp.

9.     Be excited!

COME ON. You are about to show innocent little potential new members how awesome your sisterhood is, and at the end of the week you get more little babies. That’s some exciting stuff right there.

10.  Take it all in!

You won’t be in college forever. One day you’ll hear someone mention something about sorority recruitment or who knows you could be writing a letter of recommendation for someone and you will go right back in time to 2017 where you have been clapping so loud your hands could fall off, and you have no voice, but the pain was temporary and the memories were forever.

Congrats this is just the workshops in the Spring, you have not even gotten to real work week yet. Show them what you’re mad of, and don’t be a pain in the butt about it.



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