Delta Chi's History

The Road to Today

Delta Chi is well over a century old. Formed October 13, 1890, this fraternity actually began as a professional law fraternity at Cornell University. Some of the members were also part of social groups such as Delta Tau Delta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. No one knows who the original founder is; several groups were attempting to establish a new brotherhood at the time, and through the combination of a couple of these efforts, ΔΧ began.

As they grew in size and influence, issues began to arise. There were several years of debates, and it wasn’t until 1909 that the members amended their constitution. From then on, the fraternity forbid dual membership. The organization lost four of its first chapters due to this decision, but Delta Chi still advanced.

Delta Chi remained a law fraternity for many years, and it may have stayed that way were it not for several convention attendees. Continuing their great legacy of debate, the brothers made further changes and ratifications to their standards in 1922.

D-Chi continued to grow. It has over 100,000 members today. The fraternity also has alumni chapters in addition to its undergraduate offerings. Together, there are over 150 chapters across the United States and Canada.


Along ΔΧ with its other changes, Delta Chi’s Emblem hasn’t been the same since its establishment. It began as a rock wall, ΔΧ scroll, hand of humanity, and key of knowledge. The hand signifies a search for knowledge, God, and eternity, and the key would unlock all of them. This design is accredited to Founder Peter Johnson and is still used at many functions. The original is in Grenada, Spain, on the Alhambra.

The current coat of arms features two red panels and two buff panels. The red sections show a crossed sword and scimitar, and they buff each house with three flying birds. Founder Alphonse Stillman is generally accepted as the designer of the axe and scimitar original that gave birth to the current picture.

The red and buff the designer used in the crest are also the chosen colors for the fraternity and can be seen on the flag as well. This pendant style banner features a golden trim, red center, and simple golden ΔΧ. The brothers selected the white carnation as the official flower.

Giving Back

Delta Chi works through two foundations to give back to the community and country. the brothers hose events and fundraisers throughout the year to spread awareness. the first is the Delta Chi Educational Foundation.

Dcef 1890 Society

The mission of the DCEF is “to challenge our brotherhood to a life-long commitment to the fraternal ideals and values, building personal enrichment for posterity.” The Foundation offers several types of grants, including the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute, The Borelli Family Leadership Award, Graduate Student, Duane and Mary Meyer, and Washburn scholarships.

Delta Chi works through two foundations to give back to the community and country. the brothers hose events and fundraisers throughout the year to spread awareness. the first is the Delta Chi Educational Foundation.

There are also several projects that the DCEF is responsible for. One of these is the Educational Chapter Housing Initiative to benefit fraternity establishments. It helps to maintain expenses for buildings and maintenance and provides grants to chapters in need.

They’re also responsible for the “A’s” Academy program. This is a meeting that brings brothers together from across the nation and provides training and support for personal, educational, and professional success. Another is the Planned Giving and Heritage Society, which works to help alumni and supporters give to the fraternity after they’re gone.

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