Farmhouse's History


 Seven men founded FarmHouse International Fraternity, Inc. as a professional agriculture fraternity on April 15, 1905, at the University of Missouri. The men met at a YMCA Bible study and decided to form a club. The men dedicated it to their chosen vocations, their university, their country, and God. In 1911, another group launched a second chapter in Nebraska, independent of the Missouri chapter but with the same ideals. Together, the two groups founded a third chapter in 1918 at the University of Illinois. FarmHouse became a national organization in 1921.

FarmHouse joined the North-American Interfraternity Conference in 1944. Because it only included eight chapters, the conference gave it junior status instead of full membership. Nine years later, once its size increased to twelve chapters and three colonies, FarmHouse became a full-fledged member of the NIC. In 1974, the first chapter outside the United Sates started at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. FarmHouse now has 34 chapters/colonies/interest groups in North Carolina, Washington, Idaho, Mississippi, Texas, Minnesota, and Alberta.

The fraternity's motto is “Builders of Men.” Its purpose is to encourage intellectual, physical, social/moral, and spiritual growth to build men of “Fourfold Development.” The college home of FarmHouse is the center of campus activities for hundreds of men in agriculture and related sciences: men who grew up on the farm and those interested in and/or who respect rural life.


This organization allows each member to be creative, share responsibilities, make lasting friendships, express his inner self in an atmosphere of trust and understanding, learn lessons in living as an integral part of a community, be accepted as a participant, learn the essence of brotherhood, and learn the caring of one man – and a community of men – for the individual: the brother. FarmHouse also stresses faith in God, urging each man to worship in the tradition of his own church in accordance with his own beliefs while respecting his brothers. 

Emblems and Colors

The official colors of FarmHouse are green and gold, but they permit accent colors of black and gray. The Coat of Arms is a centrally-located diagonal band of white that occupies one-third of the shield. On the band are three gold stars. The lamp of learning is in the upper section of the shield. The sickle above a sheaf of wheat is in the lower section. Atop the shield is the crest of the esquire's helmet. The name FARMHOUSE divides the founding date of 1905 and appears on the scrolled ribbon below the shield.

The FarmHouse badge is in the shape of a shield. It has a star that stands for excelsior – a striving for the highest and noblest things in an effort to continuously advance. It should be a star of hope: a guiding star. The black Crescent is an emblem of constant and ever-increasing growth and development. Its color signifies fidelity to the principles of the fraternity. The pearls stand for purity in thought, word, and action.

A clean mind and high sense of morality are important traits of a FarmHouse member. The rubies signify the lifeblood of the organization, leading members to embrace a proper attitude to their brothers, give assistance wherever possible, praise commendable deeds, and offer constructive criticism for improper and ungentlemanly conduct. The badge can be standard or jeweled, and members wear it over the heart at an angle. They traditionally place it on collared shirts, sweaters, or vests.  

Hodgkin's Lymphoma overcame FarmHouse brother John Romine. As a result, he requested that the FarmHouse International Fraternity adopt the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society (LLS) as its official philanthropic partner. In 2008, shortly after FarmHouse took up the LLS cause, Romine lost his battle. Today, however, nearly every chapter of FarmHouse raises funding and awareness for blood cancers – the number one cancer among young men.

FarmHouse chapters host Totally Baldacious events where people can donate money in exchange for the right to shave a brother's head. FarmHouse also partners with Be the Match: an outreach program for the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry.

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