Mitch Marshall

Spotlight Member Mitch Marshall Phi Delta Theta

To describe his college experience so far he would pick the song “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest. Mitch is in the 2014 fall pledge class of Phi Delta Theta at the University of Arkansas. He is majoring in business finance and is excited for some of his upper level classes to see if he can see his future in this field. On his off time, Mitch enjoys “playing basketball at the hyper with a big group of (his) p-bros (pledge brothers)”.  When going through recruitment Mitch knew he wanted to pledge this fraternity over all others on campus because he says “I had an awesome rush chair that hung out with me all summer who didn’t really put any pressure on me about what I wanted to choose for a fraternity but instead just got to know me as a friend”. When he was going through recruitment he says that the funniest thing was “whenever I got to the Phi Delta Theta house during formal rush Sam Henegar literally picked me up at the door and carried me to the front row of the presentation and he was just crazy and sweaty, I was soaked for a while in his sweat”.

Living in a Fraternity House:

“I lived in the Phi Delta Theta house for one year and I loved it. Loved hanging out with all of the guys every day and getting super close to them. Of course there were some bad parts but it was expected like some days it may have been a little more dirty than others.”


“One year I dressed up as Mark Sanchez, but by far my favorite costume no doubt was when five of my p bros dressed up as the spice girls”.

Spice Girls

“Big Brother” / “Little Brother”:

“My Greek family is the best, I am close to both my big and my little. When going about picking a little I just chose a guy who I had come to liked hanging out with and seemed to have his head on straight.”

Best Time of the Year:

“I am a die hard razorback fan and I love game days and always have and coming to college and living next door to the stadium made them even better. I love just hanging out with all your friends all day then just walking to the stadium and watching the game. Best game day for me was the game against Auburn when we went into 4 over-times”.

Woo Pig 


At the University of Arkansas the Phi Delta Theta chapter raises money for ALS Association. Throughout the year there are many philanthropy events for this charity. Mitch’s personal favorite is the ALS banquet put on by the fraternity he says “it was awesome, we raised a ton of money it was so well put together and a bunch of fun We pay 50 bucks and get to take a date, all proceeds when to ALS and there is a fancy dinner and a couple guest speakers about how ALS research has helped their life.”


“My favorite function is probably Woodstock, but one time my girlfriend and I at the time, bought us matching Christmas sweaters to wear for a Christmas party. She bought me a women’s large, that just didn’t fit and I had to cut the sleeves off and wear a cutoff Christmas sweater….”

Phi Delta Theta’s Formal:

“For our formal my chapter travels to St. Louis with our dates and get to walk around the city and eat in good restaurants. My favorite part was that we got to go see a Cardinals baseball game and they are my favorite major league baseball team, so that was a blast”.

Last But Not Least, Why Phi Delta Theta:

“It is simple this house has the best dudes. Not guys you just want to party with or just want to play sports with but guys who are there for you and always have your back.”


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