Tony Pahls

Spotlight Alum Tony Pahls

Tony attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and pledged Pi Kappa Alpha in the fall of 1983 with a class of 36 men. He graduated with a double major of Biology and Chemistry, and now works for Stryker Spine as a medical sells representative. He wanted to pledge PIKE because he when he went to parties at all of the majority fraternity houses he realized that the “men and woman that where at the PIKE house were the type of people he wanted to be around”. Tony says “This sounds corny. But the best part about my fraternity was the true brotherhood. We did projects together for the community. We had events with our sister sororities and the school but just brought us all together as a group”. 

Do you still keep in touch with your fraternity brothers?

“Some of my best friends today are still my fraternity brothers from college. I still go on our annual alumni float trip every year that I can. I keep in touch but a handful of my brothers on a regular basis. “

Were fraternity t-shirts a big deal when you were in college?

“Fraternity shirts were huge. We had one for every event. We were lucky and had an excellent artist as one of our fraternity brothers and made some of the coolest shirts you can imagine. He currently is a graphic artist for marvel comics and has several characters that he has created himself.”


What was your favorite time of the year?

“My favorite time of year was always fall. Those were our biggest rush events and parties. We were the most active in fall. By spring we were slowing down.”

Did you ever go on spring break with your fraternity brothers?

“I did go on every spring break trip we had. The one that is the most memorable was the one to South Padre Island, Texas. There were almost 40 of us that went down there and needless to say every minute was fun and wild.”

What was your favorite thing to do with your fraternity brothers?

“My favorite thing was inter-mural Sporting events. From flag football to soccer and even golf we always had a great time and we always won.”

Was there a specific place in your college town that you liked to go to?

“The pikes hung out at a bar called sports page. We all like to go there because we knew that we would know everybody there and it was always a good time. It was also very cheap and they hardly ever carded anybody so we never had any hassles.”

Did you have little brothers and/ or little sister in your fraternity? 

“We did have little brothers and little sisters. My little brother was Don Bevis. A great guy and still to this day a good friend. We had little sisters to the fraternity but they weren't specific to any member. I married one of our little sisters.”

What was your favorite event that your fraternity held?

“We had an annual party called raging Cajun. It was our big party, with live bands and beauty contest ect.....”

Did you ever dress up for a fraternity event in something crazy?

We seem to always have some kind of crazy themed party that we had to dress up for. From dressing up as punk rockers or some kind of farm animals. The one that stands out the most was when I dressed up as a teenage mutant ninja turtle. After the fraternity party my current wife and I, it was my girlfriend at the time, went to a local costume party and we won first place.”

Do you know of a member in your fraternity that is doing something cool now?

“My fraternity group had several very successful members. One of my best friends is a doctor and in the military to eat she's gone to Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times for our country. My little brother Don, is the General in the US active military.”



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