Colin Hayes

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Spotlight Alumni Colin Hayes!

Meet Colin Hayes, he is a SAE alumn from Little Rock Arkansas and graduated from the University of Arkansas as a history major. After college, Colin went to Washington, D.C. to work for Congressman Steve Womack as a Legislative Correspondent. He pledged Sigma Alpha Epsilon in the fall of 2012 because throughout recruitment “SAE continuously seemed to convey the least amount of pressure” and the members always made him feel “comfortable and at ease”. Four years of college and man the Greek t-shirts have racked up Colin says he has “way to many to count” and he still has a few that he wears. For Colin the best thing about being apart of Greek life during his college experience was his pledge class, he still keeps in touch with them every day. Colin was an excellent student and stayed active in his fraternity by upholding many positions throughout the years. He was social chair for his pledge class, Social Chairman for the fraternity and Recruitment Chairman. If he were to pick a song that could describe his college experience he says would be “Hotel California” by the Eagles. 

How was your experience living in your fraternity house?

“I lived in house during my sophomore year. It was good and bad. During the first semester, my GPA suffered a good bit, but a stern talking to with my old man over Christmas Break turned that around quickly and I ended up doing very well the following semester.” 


What is the best part about game days?

Out of all the fraternity events and parties held at the fraternity house throughout Colin’s four years of college game days was by far his favorite. “Waking up to the most obnoxious members playing their speakers to max volume… can’t beat it”. Win or lose for the Hogs, game days always put a smile on everyone’s faces. “Woo Pig Sooie” is how Colin would describes his experience in Greek life in three words. 

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What is your favorite memory you have with your fraternity “Big” and/or “Little”?

“My little brother and I are still close; I always enjoy catching up with him when we see each other out. With my big brother, being from Fayetteville, he did an excellent job of showing me the ropes of the city. Whether it was a good restaurant or a place to see live music, he made me feel at home as a nineteen-year-old freshman from Little Rock.”

What was your favorite philanthropy event you had with your fraternity?

Sigma Alpha Epsilon raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The Phi Alpha chapter puts on a “Haunted House” around Halloween as a fundraising event. Colin says “the Haunted House was always a blast”. The whole chapter participates by decorating the entire house even their rooms as if it was in a horror film, and sell tickets to everyone on campus to come walk through to get spooked. This is Colin’s favorite philanthropy even he says because “What’s not to like about a philanthropy event that’s motto is “Scaring is Caring”?”.

Best spring break in your college experience?

“I went on three spring breaks with my pledge class, the beach twice and skiing once. I would have to say the ski trip was the best, because it was just our class that went. No girls, no other members, and no other schools in the near vicinity. It was nice to just have a week with the boys.”


What was the best date night theme?

Out of all the crazy theme ideas that the Greek community comes up with Colin’s personal favorite was one that was held by his own fraternity. “O’Possum Formal for ROW Week. We all dressed up about as country as we possibly could; anything from overalls to mullet wigs were widely acceptable”. 

In 5 years what unforgettable memories would be brought up at a reunion with your pledge class? 

“Frankly, there are too many to name. My pledge class had something really special to it. We all got along so well and did so much together that throughout our years in Fayetteville, every weekend amounted to another funny story or unforgettable instance. I definitely had my fair share of fun and I am sure each and every one of my pledge brothers would say the same.”


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