Garrett Bethel

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Spotlight Member Garrett Bethel!

"No I'm not lucky, I'm blessed. Yes" is Garrett’s favorite quote by Nicki Minaj. Garrett is from Little Rock Arkansas and pledge Sigma Alpha Epsilon in the fall of 2014 at the University of Arkansas as biology major with a minor in Spanish. With this major he is pre-med with plans to attend medical school after graduating. As an active member in his fraternity, Garrett served as social chair, new member educator and is now treasurer. “Whenever I get involved with any organization, I feel like it is my duty to leave it better than how it started and to get the most of my experience there”. Not only is Garrett involved in his Greek organization he is also very involved on campus as well. He has been involved with the Associated Student Government, the Honors College, and Campus Concierge Tutoring. What a role model! 

When going through formal recruitment Sigma Alpha Epsilon stood out to Garrett for multiple reasons. “They are one of the biggest and most influential chapters on campus. They have a great reputation both nationally and with the university. All of the members really reached out to me, and I could see how close everyone was, regardless of age or pledge class. Everyone knew everyone, and more than on a first name basis. Also, SAE at Arkansas has an incredible alumni network, with hundreds of connections that prove to be beneficial long after graduation. It is a lifelong membership, and alumni of all ages are willing to help you out at any time.” 

Why go Greek?

If he had to explain why someone should go Greek to someone Garrett says that they key reason would because of the relationships. Garrett explains “not just talking about the friendships that your form with your pledge brothers. I am talking about my relationship with everyone that has gone before me and will come after me. I have made amazing friends throughout this organization with people of all different ages, from all over the country, from all different walks of life. I have learned so much about who I am and who I want to be. There are so many leaders in this organization that have pushed me to be better and to push others to do the same. The relationships are not just confined to these 4 years in college. I have connected with alumni from all over Arkansas and the country. They have given me advice, personally and professionally, and are always available to talk to, whenever I may need them. SAE gives you relationships that last a lifetime.”

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What is your homecoming like on your campus?

“Homecoming is extremely competitive at the University of Arkansas. Greek Life, RSOs, and dorms all compete against each other making elaborate signs out of colorful tissue paper. The process takes forever, but if done correctly, it is amazing what hours and hours of pomping can create. Homecoming is also great because it incorporates philanthropy as a required aspect of the celebration. There is also a parade and pep rally. Unfortunately, SAE has tried its best in the past two years, but come up short in the competition.”

Functions, Mixers, and Date Parties! OH MY!

“My favorite function is definitely Catfish Row Date Night. Our date night, O'Possum Formal, is a blast. Everyone dresses up redneck style with overalls, jean shorts, boots, and flannel and we have an awesome band that brings this house down. This year we had an electric bull, which really put it over the top. I love going all out for functions, I have been everything from a redneck in tattoos and overalls to Garth from Saturday Night Live”. Date functions are always exciting to get invited to. Garrett favorite one of the year was “Fraterday Night Live function with Pi Phi. It was so much fun. Everyone went all out with iconic SNL characters. My date and I went as Garth and Kat from Weekend Update and wore matching sweater vests and short blonde wigs. It was one for the books.” If Garrett could choose the theme of a function that no one has done yet he would pick “Battle of the Bands”.

Everyone’s Favorite Time of The Year…. Game Days!

Everyone loves that time of the year when you get to wake up put your teams colors on to cheer on your favorite team! Garrett’s favorite part about Razorback football is the traditions. At the University of Arkansas “we are a southern school, so everyone dresses up in their best clothes to support the hogs. The tailgates are so much fun with music, food, and drinks for everyone to get ready to call the hogs. By far my favorite football game has been Arkansas at Ole Miss last fall (2015). It was the most nerve-racking and insane game I have ever been to, and watching the Hogs upset Ole Miss is always a plus.”

Hogs 2   

What were you for Halloween this year?

“For Halloween this year, I was an anaconda and a friend dressed as Nicki Minaj. Every function there are some people that just go all out... I have seen everything from Winnie the Pooh to Chaz Michael Michaels roller blading through campus to Spaghetti and Meatballs. After a football game, I even wore a bear costume out on Dickson to celebrate.”


Favorite spring break destination so far?

“Freshman year we went to Panama City Beach, or more commonly known as PCB. It was a once of a lifetime experience... Truly, you go once in your lifetime and you are satisfied with that until the day you die. This year, I took a group skiing in Crested Butte, Colorado at my grandparents condo. It was just 6 of us, so it was much more relaxed and I really loved the change of pace from PCB. We had a blast.”

Three Words to Describe Finals Week.

“Finals week is stressful, long, and harsh. My go to spot to study is definitely Mullins library on the third floor. Some people chose to study at SAE, but for me I can get so much more done if I sit by myself at the library and get in the zone for a few hours every day. Time management is really important to me so I can stay on top of my work and never fall behind.”


What are you most excited for in the next two years as a college student?

“For the next two years, I am most excited to develop the friendships that I have started in the past two years of college. I want to continue to develop lifelong friend groups that I can count on and keep in touch with for years and years to come.”


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