Andrew Griffin

Sigma Chi Alumni Spotlight on Andrew Griffin!

Andrew Griffin went to the University of Arkansas and pledged Sigma Chi during the fall of 2012. He graduated the University of Arkansas as a civil engineering major and is currently working in Texas for Graver. Andrew pledged to this fraternity because it was evident that "strong and lasting friendships were formed through Sigma Chi" and knew that is something he wanted to be apart of. To sum up his experience going Greek in three words, he would say it was "exciting, rewarding, and fun".


What was it like living in the fraternity house?

Andrew lived in house his sophomore year of college (2013-2014). When asked about his experience living in house he states "it was an experience I will always remember" and "a time of constant excitement". During this year he felt that the fraternity experience for him became more valuable because his pledge class became even closer. "There was truly never a dull moment, as cliche as that sounds". 

What is the best part about game days?

Andrew born and raised as a die-hard Razorback fan says that his favorite part about game days was "certainly not the game, since we usually lost. Tailgating was absolutely the best part about game days." For him "tailgating provided a reason to see friends outside of the fraternity".


What is your favorite song from college?

He said that so many songs remind him of the good times in college but if he had to pick one he would choose the Razorback fight song. He says because "it always seemed appropriate".

Which is worse, early morning classes or night classes?

"Both are evil in their own ways. Thankfully I didn't have too man late classes. The worst were early morning Friday classes and late night Thursday classes. They should be considered a form of torture."


Do you still keep in touch with your fraternity brothers?

Like the majority of young adults GroupMe has been Andrew's way of keeping up with his pledge brothers. He says that his "pledge class GroupMe hasn't stopped being entertaining since the day it started". Even up to this day, it is his favorite forum for keeping up with friends.

Where you close with your fraternity "Big Brother"?

Andrew and his fraternity "Big Brother" became very close throughout his college experience. The older member got to choose which new member they wanted to join their family. He says that his favorite memory would be from "the night we got our big brother, we had a huge party". Him and his Big ended the night at Waffle House and because of that night he says "I can honestly say I haven't eaten 3 waffles in a row since".


What was your favorite philanthropy event that your fraternity held?

Sigma Chi raises money for Huntsman Cancer Institute and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Out of all of the philanthropy events his chapter puts on to raise money for Andrew's personal favorite it Derby Days. "Derby Days is a week long competition between sororities on campus" and friendly competition is always the best way to raise money for a great cause. 

Did you ever go on spring break with your fraternity brothers?

"Our pledge class was pretty good about lining up a spring break trip that many of us would go on. The best one was probably sophomore year when around 20 of us rented a huge house in Destin, Florida. The house barely slept 15 but we managed to make it work somehow."

What was your favorite part about being in your fraternity? 

Andrew's favorite part out of everything is about friendship. He says that he enjoyed how "everyone seemed to get along". No matter what pledge class "from seniors to freshmen, everyone had each other's backs".


In 5 years what unforgettable memories would be brought up at a reunion with your pledge class? 

"I'm sure we'll talk about our bid day party, our initiation, and graduation parties. But the best stories would be the ones that are best kept between brothers."


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