Sigma Chi's History

Sigma Chi

Sigma Chi was founded in June of 1855 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, after members of Delta Kappa Epsilon had a disagreement. During the spring prior to the formation of Sigma Chi, half of the members were expelled from Delta Kappa Epsilon. Their decision to found Sigma Chi started the long legacy that many thousands of members enjoy today.

The fraternity has over 239 collegiate and 132 alumni chapters. Actors Jim Caviezel and Brad Pitt, football players Bob Grise and Drew Brees, news anchor Bret Baier, and former late night show host David Letterman share a common bond as members or former members of Sigma Chi. 

Mission, Values, and Symbols of Sigma Chi

Sigma Chi is committed to the ideals of friendship, learning, and justice. The organization actively supports programs to build member character and further its involvement on campus and within broader communities. Through alumni mentorship opportunities, many young Sigma Chis learn directly from older members who offer advice in both personal and professional capacities. 

The organization’s motto is “in hoc signo vinces” (in this sign you shall conquer). It refers to the power of the white cross symbol of Sigma Chi. The traditional Christian cross is a symbol of purity that embodies the values of the fraternity in an unobtrusive but genuine manner. Official colors seen on Sigma Chi attire are old gold and blue, and the official flower is the white rose. 

The Jordan Standard is the measurement standard used for recruitment. Sigma Chi looks for young men who demonstrate good character, fair scholastic ability, ambition, friendliness, moral direction, honor, and personal responsibility. 

Sigma Chi Sweethearts

Chapter sweethearts are often the wives and girlfriends of Sigma Chi members. Elected sweethearts also play a role within the fraternity by participating in events, academic programs, and the recruiting process. 

Sigma Chi Supported Philanthropy

Sigma Chi reached a $1 million donation benchmark for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation in 2013. Foundation originator Jon M. Huntsman Sr. was a Sigma Chi member, and the foundation is the fraternity’s preferred partner in philanthropy. The Huntsman Cancer Institute, supported by the foundation, works tirelessly to research the causes of cancer, develop advanced diagnostics and treatment, and discover new prevention tactics to reduce cancer in society. Sigma Chi partners exclusively with the Huntsman Cancer Foundation because many of its members and their families have been personally affected by cancer. 

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