Comparing Secretary of State to Sorority Council Members

Condoleezza Rice is one of the most inspiring political women in history. Long before she became the 66th United State Secretary of State Condoleezza went to college at the University of Denver where she was a member of the Gamma Delta chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. Being Secretary of State is a lot like being the council of your sorority except you hold all of the positions alone… 

The Secretary of State serves as the Presidents principal adviser on U.S. foreign policy. This position is a lot like a sororities Panhellenic Delegate. The Panhellenic Delegate is the person in the sorority that has to stay in communication with that schools Panhellenic and overall Greek Life system. She then reports back to the chapter of upcoming events within the system or issues that are going on above their chapter. Being the Secretary of State you have a lot of expertise on foreign affairs and are able to help the President make calls on what to do for the United States foreign policy just like the Panhellenic Delegate reports back to the President of the sorority and the sorority members to decide what to do about their standing in Greek Life. 

The Secretary of State has the duty of granting and issuing passports to American Citizens. This is similar to the way the Vice President of membership issues bids to potential new members. It is the secretary of state’s job to issue these passports to people who are qualified to have one just like the VP membership does to girls who are wanting to join the sorority. 

The Vice President of Standards is like the Secretary of States duty of ensuring the protection of the U.S. Government to American citizens, property, and interests in foreign countries. Being the VP of Standards it is your job to have the best interests of the chapter and its members in mind and to keep them safe in all situations. They have to make decisions during certain times of the year that some members may not like but it is for their own safety. For example, if there is a function or mixer for the chapter, Standards may decide to only have girls ride a bus to the venue to ensure their safety upon arriving at that specific event. 

The secretary of state is a lot like the president of a sorority chapter. The Secretary of State personally participates in or directs U.S. representatives to international conferences, organizations, and agencies. The president of a chapter has to hold meetings with all of the members as well as meetings with appointed officers and specific organizations within the chapter. 

Condoleezza Rice has accomplished great things since she was a member of her sorority. She was the first female African American to hold the position of Secretary of State, the 20th Nation Security advisor and provost of Stanford University. Rice received her undergraduate education at the University of Denver where she got a degree in political science. She received her political science master’s degree from the University of Notre Dame. Her Ph.D. was received from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. It is an honor to have someone that has accomplished in her career to look up to as sorority women. Here is a rare photo of Condoleezza Rice applauding your effort to be just like her. 


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