Alpha Delta Pi's History

Alpha Delta Pi 

Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi)was founded in Macon Georgia in May of 1851. This national Panhellenic sorority is known as the first secret society for women at Wesleyan Female College. Six young women founded the sorority: Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald, Octavia Andrew Rush, Ella Pierce Turner, Mary Evans Glass, Sophronia Woodruff Dews, and Elizabeth Williams Mitchell. 

Alpha Delta Pi is particularly exceptional because it was the first secret society for women at Wesleyan, and Wesleyan was the first college for women in the world. But, did the six founding sisters of Alpha Delta Pi know their humble women's sorority would go on to be something big?

The Start of Alpha Delta Pi

Wesleyan College began as a charter college, which became the first degree-granting body for women. The women who attended this school were very fortunate, and they often came from progressive and well-respected families. Their daily regimes at the college were very strict. In fact, most of the girls had very little free time for socializing. 

In 1851, a young Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald had a revolutionary idea: start a society, just for women, that would strive to improve the mental, moral, social, and domestic lives of its members. In 1904, the President of Wesleyan College made what was formerly known as the Adelphean Society into an official, national society and changed its name to Alpha Delta Pi.  

Alpha Delta Pi Symbols and Motto

The women who founded ADPi built it on a foundation of scholarship, sisterhood, leadership, and helping others. These four principles are still the backbone of ADPi today. The sorority's motto: "We Live for Each Other," and its colors: azure blue and crisp white, which represent friendship and truth, exemplify these principles. 

ADPi's official flower is the woodland violet, which is often replaced with the African Violet (woodland violets are not common). ADPi's mascot is a lion, lovingly called Alphie, and the  official symbol is a diamond. With 155 chapters in then the U.S and Canada, and more than 140 alumni chapters, ADPi is one of the larger sororities in the National Panhellenic Conference. 

Alpha Delta Pi Philanthropy

Alpha Delta Pi has worked with the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) since adopting the entity for National Philanthropy in 1979. Last year alone, ADPi contributed more than $1.3 million to charities, giving roughly $1.1 million to the Ronald McDonald House. Since 1979, ADPi has given more than $10 million to RMHC. Besides just dollars, ADPi sisters also dedicate a substantial amount of time to RMHC families. Whether cooking meals for families, doing repairs around the house, or spending quality time, the sisters seek to improve the lives of those around them. 

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