Member Spotlight: Sarah Johnson

Meet Sarah Johnson! Sarah is from Little Rock, AR and is an AOII at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN where she’s a music major.

When did you join AOII? 

I joined AOII my sophomore year, PC15!

Pledgeship is a little exhausting, but it’s also a lot of fun. What are your favorite, funniest, sweetest memories from pledging?  

I really enjoyed all of the New Member meetings we had before initiation,  because I learned a lot about AOII and all of the things we stand for as a group.

So, we all looooove our bigs, duh. What’s your big like & how have you learned from her?

 My big is amazing!  She is so generous and caring to me and everyone in her life, and she has taught me a lot about what it means to love your sisters.

Do you have a little yet? If so, what’s the best thing about her?

 Yes!  My little is so supportive of me, and we were friends first before we became a family so we have a unique relationship that I think strengthens our big-little relationship!

Being in a sorority is such a life changing experience and we all experience it differently. What has being in AOII taught you? How have your sisters challenged you and helped you grow?  

AOII's biggest strength is our inclusivity.  Our founding principles include an idea of including everyone and being understanding of everyone regardless of background or opinion.  My sisters have definitely helped me be more open toward other people and more outgoing.

Sometimes we do serious things, but there’s a lot of silliness, too. What’s the most fun memory you have from AOII?  

My favorite memory of AOII that I have so far is our sisterhood retreat before my initiation.  The retreat definitely connected me to more of my sisters and I got to know more of them on a deeper level.  We also had a ton of fun doing bonding activities and roasting marshmellows!

Sorority girls are crazy creative when it comes to costumes. What’s your favorite function costume you’ve ever worn or seen?  

We had an Awkward Family Photos formal in 2015, and I loved everyone's costumes from that night!! Especially the ones that involved an inordinate amount of denim or '90s fashion.


People commonly assume that sorority girls are dumb, or don’t spend as much time studying, but all of us in house know that we work hard to have good grades. How has AOII helped you thrive academically?  

You're totally right!! We have study hours in the house every week that is a very encouraging.  All of my sisters care so much about academics in conjunction with our social activities, and seeing that dedication to balancing work with life motivates me to do well also!

So Sarah, I know you’re a super hip fashionista and you love style. What are your top style tips for dressing well in college without looking like you’re trying too hard?  

I think the biggest tip I would give is to be comfortable and confident in your style!  All of the most stylish people I see around campus are super confident in their clothes, regardless if they're wearing sweat pants or a dress and heels!  You just have to be confident and love whatever you're wearing.  I also love the idea of having a capsule wardrobe, in which you have staple outfits that always work no matter what.

What piece of advice would you give anyone thinking about going through recruitment?  

Give it a chance, and be open to all of the different houses because you never know if one house may be better for you than another!

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