Hannah McNeill

Alpha Phi Spotlight Member Hannah McNeill

Everyone this is Hannah from Little Rock Arkansas, she goes to Arizona State University, college of public service and community solutions and is majoring in tourism development and management. Wherever Hannah’s future takes her she wants to “travel and have new and exciting experiences, while helping people do the same”. In the fall of 2014 Hannah pledged Alpha Phi. She was drawn to this chapter during recruitment because “Alpha Phi stuck out to me from the beginning. It was one of the few houses where I could hold a conversation that didn’t seem forced. It made me feel at home in such a far away place”. Hannah decided to go out of state because she needed a change of scenery and she had a “longing to venture out and be on her own”.  She says, “ASU was a pretty random choice. All I knew about it was that Arizona was warm, and I hate the cold. That was literally it. My first visit was after I was already enrolled and it sealed the deal for me.” Now she loves the school and wouldn’t take back her decision for anything. For the upcoming years Hannah is most excited to “find myself more and figure out what I’m supposed to do with my future. I can’t wait to see where all of my friend’s lives will take them as well”.

Why Go Greek?

“I always assumed I would rush, in the South it is such an almost necessary part of college, yet in the west its not as big of a culture. Being across the country though, I wanted to be able to meet other people like me and be exposed to hundreds of potential friends at once.”


What is the most rewarding part about being on the other side of recruitment?

“Work week honestly is a blur, or “polish” week as we like to call it, and I cannot wait for it this year. I think the most fun part was getting to see everyone after a summer apart. It was replenishing to be in a room full of energetic girls who all wanted to kill it in recruitment. The most rewarding part about being a recruiter instead of a PNM (potential new members) is just how much closer it brings you to your sisters. Before rounds every day we would be getting the room ready, and fixing hair, etc. and have Justin Bieber BLARING. Everyone would be dancing crazy and it just set the tone for every day, as long and as tiring they were. I got to know so many girls better than I ever would have and I have never felt more confident or comfortable in a group setting.” 


What is your favorite thing about having a “Little” and/or “Big”? 

“I have been blessed with not one- but TWO perfect “Littles”. My favorite part is being a point of guidance for them, not only within Alpha Phi, but also with school, boys, parents, etc. I like being someone they can look up to and it motivates me to be a great member of Alpha Phi. My “Big” and I are crazy close as well. My favorite time with her and my “Littles” is pretty much any time we’re together; it is so difficult to pick any one moment. I spent many nights with Kellie (my “Big”) at her apartment watching the Bachelor/ette just having a blast. Being able to do nothing and still have such a great time is always the best. At ASU it is common to have a guy big or little. In the fraternity that I am particularly close with I have a guy big, his little so my “twin,” and two boy “Littles” (so technically I have 4 “Littles” but whose counting?). It is not official with panhellenic or anything but its so fun to have people to count on from all over the Greek community. I’ve been able to build way stronger relationships than I probably ever would have just by having “families”.

Friend 2

Best part about Halloween?

“ASU celebrates Halloween as “Halloweek,” so it is necessary to have 4-5 costumes at your disposal. I was a little lazy and only put forth effort into a Zombie outfit: which required a gallon of fake blood (still have it), black hair dye, (didn’t wash out for three days), and excessively holey clothing. The best part was that almost no one recognized me, and it took everyone else a solid minute before they realized it was that the black hair was fake, and it was me. 

My all-time favorite costume this Halloween was done by a sorority sister of mine and her good friend. They dressed up as Grandma’s but it was crazy realistic. Like wrinkles and everything. Everywhere they went people were snapchatting them like they were famous. It was hysterical.”


What is your favorite philanthropy event throughout the year?

“All Alpha Phi chapters host an annual Red Dress Gala, which raises money for our philanthropy of women’s heart health. Our chapter along with friends, family, and really anyone else who wants to go, attends a huge dinner and silent auction in order to help our cause. It is one of the more laid-back philanthropy event compared to the Alpha Phifa soccer tournament we host in the spring, but it still is my favorite. Since it occurs not long after recruitment it’s the best way to meet everyone and their families. As a new member it’s also the one of the first chances you get to participate in a philanthropy event and you see first hand the things that drew you to Alpha Phi.”

What is your favorite part about game days?

“Game days are awesome. Tailgating is different than in the South but still just as fun. I’m pretty into football so I like to try to actually attend as many games as I can, but a lot of people just stay out and tailgate the whole time. I like that on game days its accepted to say “Fork ‘em” an excessive amount of times, because on an average day I probably say it too often. But hey, school spirit!!!!”


What is your favorite function?

“My favorite function was probably Disco Phiver my freshman year. I had a great date who was down to dance but also eat like 12 pieces of pizza with me so it was hard to beat. I wouldn’t say I have a craziest outfit I’ve worn to a function, but I once wore a totally 70’s outfit to a very obviously 80’s function so I can say I have a most stupid outfit.”


Describe finals week in 3 words

“1.Lots 2.Of 3. Coffee.”

“I don’t venture to the library very often because I have to study in a really quiet setting. And that’s ironic because a library is supposed to be quiet, right? Wrong. The library has become fondly labeled as “Club Hayden” because it is quite the social scene.  I think there’s a geotag on snapchat for it, which I can’t tell if that’s impressive or upsetting.”



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