Juliana Griffin

Chi Omega Alumni Spotlight 

Meet Juliana Griffin, Chi Omega alumni from the University of Arkansas. She pledged in 2008 and graduated in 2012 as biology major. Juliana is now working at children’s hospital in little rock Arkansas and an orthopedic clinic as an x-ray technologist. Juliana is thankful for joining the Greek life community on her campus because it gave her a home away from home with her girlfriends. As a colligate member Juliana was very active in showing her chapter’s and school’s spirit. If she could describe her college experience in just three simple words she would say “Best.Time. Ever”.  

Juliana lived in the sorority house of Chi Omega Psi chapter for two years. During those two years she lived in the 16-girl attic. Although that sounds a little crowded Juliana wouldn’t take it back because of all the memories. “What happens in the attic stays in the attic”. 

Which was worse, morning or night class? PJs or Dress up for class?

“Night class, I liked getting my classes out of the way so I could study and leave town early on a Friday if I needed to” Juliana says. The best part about class was when she had classes with her sorority sister but that was “about 50/50”. “My everyday outfit was classic Nike shorts and a t-shirt”, comfort over everything is the way to go! She says that she would wear her “high school Mount St Mary’s uniform everyday” if she could have just for comfort. 

What was your most embarrassing moment from college?

“Falling down the stairs in the auditorium in my first college class”.


Bid Day?

For Juliana, the memory she associated with bid day would be “a hot, exciting, whirlwind of a day”. She said for her personal bid day her favorite moment is “opening up my bid card and running to my mom, who was also a Chi-O”. 

How many t-shirts do you have from college?

“An embarrassing amount. The more the merrier. My favorite t-shirt would be my bid day shirt. Cheesy, but it holds the most sentimental value. I still have all of my t-shirts! I want to make a t-shirt quilt out of some, but hopefully hand some down to my daughter one day in the far future”.


What was your favorite sisterhood event? Why?

Chi Omega’s Philanthropy is Make-a Wish Foundation. “Meeting the families from Make-a-Wish. Some things are bigger than what outfit you’re wearing out on a Thursday night.”

Spring break?

“My favorite spring break would be senior year trip to Destin Florida with my pledge class. No boys. It was perfect”. “I always went on trips with my sorority sisters and I still do”!


Juliana’s favorite college function was the “Chi-O formal in Eureka Springs, Arkansas”. She says that she prefers sorority functions to fraternity functions so she “can pick my own date”! 

What was your favorite game day ritual?

“Blasting the fight song, waking everyone up (they probably hated me), and heading down early to tailgate”. “My favorite game was the away game to Georgia. I suggest you go to as many away games as you can”! “The best memory I have with a specific football game would be winning the cotton bowl my senior year- it was pretty exciting. WOO PIG”!


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