Victoria Sabates

Chi Omega Spotlight Member Victoria Sabates!

Meet Victoria! She is a colligate member of Chi Omega at the University of Arkansas. She pledge to the Psi chapter of Chi Omega in the fall of 2014. Victoria is majoring in hospitality and is planning on being an event planner. Victoria is involved in her chapter by being the New Member Educator, this is a great way for her to get to know the new members and help them adapt to the college life. For the upcoming years of college she is mostly excited about getting closer to her friends and making new ones because “so many great things have happened at school these past two years so I can't wait to see what the future holds”. Victoria’s little sister, Catherine, recently pledged Chi Omega as well and says “my favorite part about having my sis in my sorority is that as cheesy as it sounds I have my best friend with me all the time. I don't know anyone who knows me as well as my sister so having her around the house is so sooo much fun because I can be extra weird, knowing that at least one person will get it”. 


Preparing for recruitment.

“My favorite memory from work week is one night when we were practicing a party, we decided to have a dance off. Everyone got in a huge circle and blared music and we even got Mom Jan (their house mom) to go out there a bust a move.”


What is recruitment like in your opinion?

“Although recruitment is hard and stressful, I find the whole process rewarding considering you get to see the result of all of your hard work with the amazing new pledge class that you have! You are giving these new freshman a home away from home, and it's awesome to see them grow throughout the year.” Everything seems to be worth it when bid day comes along. “All I Do Is Win or Get Out Of Your Mind” would be the song Victoria would choose if Bid Day had a theme song. 

What was your favorite part about game days? 

“I love game days because it's so fun to see how the whole town gets so amped for the hogs. I also love getting dressed up and dusting off the cowboy boots for the day. Game day routine, it kind of depends on what time the game is at! I usually wake up, call the hogs and then throw on some clothes and head out to tailgate!”

What was your favorite big/little theme? What is your favorite thing about having a little?

“My favorite big/little theme that I saw was someone imitated “Mean Girls” and they each were a character of the squad. My favorite thing about having a little is that I have someone to go to with everything and I almost feel like a legit mom because I want to be there for her and take care of her! My little sends the funniest snap chats, so I always get excited when I see the notification pop on my phone and its her, she is ruthless.”


What is worse, early morning classes or night classes? 

Like most people Victoria hates morning classes. She says “I literally can not get up in the morning to save my life. I had morning classes all of last semester, and if I am being honest I probably didn't make it to half of them because even coffee couldn't help”.  On a normal day around campus Victoria would wear running shorts and a t-shirt to class almost everyday. “Sometimes a hat gets thrown on too if I can't find my hairbrush or something” she says.

Craziest Costume you have dress up for?

“I think the craziest thing that I have dressed up as is a chicken. I own this chicken costume and I wore it to our Yippee Chi O function, it got hot but it was worth it.”

Best part about Halloween?

Dressing up is always the best part about Halloween Victoria’s favorite she says is when “I dressed up as a grandma, I really got to play the part. Another legendary costume was when my little sister dressed up as Coconut Head from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, it was hilarious.” Halloween is also Victoria’s favorite function her chapter pairs up with Kappa Kappa Gamma and call it “Owloween”. 


Favorite spring break destination so far? Why?                                                                              

“My favorite spring break destination was Panama City Beach. It was probably the most fun that I never want to have again. The reason it was so fun was because a huge group of girls rented out a condo on the beach and it didn't turn out to be the cleanest, but it was awesome because we all bonded over it and I got so much closer with all of them.”

Describe finals week in three words.

“Tears…. Coffee….. Cramming”

No Sleep


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