Ashley Jolly

Ashley Jolly Spotlight member for Delta Delta Delta 

Ashley Jolly an active Tri Delta member at the University of Arkansas. Majoring in History, Ashley plants to go into Family/Adoption Law. She pledged Tri Delta in the fall of 2014. If she could pick a spirit animal for her pledge class she would pick a Golden Retriever. Ashley says this fits because they are "very loyal and layed back, a fun friend to have that is there for you no matter the situation, never wanting to judge you  but just there to love you". She always helps out as much as she can and this past year was homecoming assist for her chapter. Ashley pledge Delta Delta Delta because it made her feel like she was at home. She says that "the girls who were in the house loved me for who I already was and that the girls pledging were all unique and loved each other".

The Ins and Outs of Recruitment:

“During the last night of work week we stayed up until 2 in the morning learning line dances in the living room from camps we worked at the previous summer.” “ The most rewarding part about recruitment would be that I ended up meeting both my “Littles” during recruitment and got to help them find their home here at Tri Delta and now I could not imagine my life without them.” “If I could describe bid day in one song it would have to be Axel F by Crazy Frog”.

Living in a Sorority House:

“Living in house was the most rewarding Experience of sophomore year. The funniest moment In the house always involved pranking. The pranking would go from stealing mattresses and hiding them in the study room, giving people Carmel onions instead of apples to putting Vaseline on all the doorknobs or even just popping out from closets or doors to scare unsuspecting victims. The best part was, everyone got in on it.”



“This past year my Greek life family created a biker gang for “Big/Little” reveal called the Wolf Pack because so many of us lived in house and were close friends that it was as if we were creating a huge wolf pack.” “My favorite thing about having both of my “Littles” is that I got to help them through their freshmen year. I came in scared but excited, always wanting to be involved and wanting to find my place and purpose, my big got to be there for me during all of that and I got to pass on that compassion and friendship to my “Littles”.


Craziest Halloween outfit you have worn in college:

“This past year a group of Lambda Chi Alphas's dressed up as the cast of Harry Potter with my sorority sisters and I and being able to yell spells in British accents at people across campus was the funniest thing I've ever been a part of.”


“During the spring we have pancake pig out at the Tri Delta house, which is an event where you get unlimited pancakes after purchasing a ticket that goes straight to St. Jude. This event includes live music, picnic blankets and unlimited breakfast. The event is very relaxed which allows it to not only reach people involved in Greek life but also any student who attends University or Arkansas.”


Spring Break:

“My oldest sister works at Disney World in Orlando Florida so normally my extended family and I visit down there for spring break!” “The t shirt pass out for spring break is crazy and normally consists of each person buying 5 of each shirt to give to their family members and friends to support Tri Delta.”


“This past formal me and some other Tri Delts went to Missouri to run a half marathon before formal then visited a museum with a huge group to take pictures then ended the night shutting down the dance floor with our dad-like dance moves.” “This past formal we fit 10 people on a car and screamed angst teen music like Bowling for Soup, My Chemical Romace and Fall Out Boy while driving around Fayetteville.  But honestly any time my friends and I hit the dance floor good memories are made from how terrible each of us are at dancing.”


Finals Week in Three Words:

“Mullins was lit.” 


“To relax during finals week my sorority sisters and I drove to Kings Falls river and jumped off of rocks and swam in snake infested waters. Somehow that was more calming than studying for French.”


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