Tri Delt's History

2. Delta Delta Delta 

Delta Delta Delta is more commonly (and easily) referred to as Tri-Delta. Tri-Delta is an international sorority, though it was originally founded at Boston University in November of 1888. Today, it’s one of the largest sororities, with more than 200,000 members having been initiated over the years. When Tri-Delta was founded, there were only three other groups representing women. The friends who founded Tri-Delta— Isabel Morgan Breed, Eleanor Dorcas Pond, Sarah Ida Shaw, and Florence Isabelle Stewart—wanted to create a group that represented the inner beauty of women. Tri-Delta was established as a way to make their bonds of friendship permanent, and as a reminder to be kind to all people. 

Tri-Delta History and Symbolism

Tri-Delta has an impressive roster of firsts. The sorority was the first be founded as a national organization. It was also the first to begin publishing a quarterly magazine, and to publish its history as a book. Most impressively, Tri-Delta was the first sorority to hold a National Leadership Conference. 

The official symbol of Tri-Delta is three isosceles triangles, though the sorority is also represented by a coat of arms containing a pansy, a pine tree, and a silver trident. Tri-Delta’s colors are silver, gold, and a deep cerulean blue. Tri-Delta members also use the dolphin as a mascot, as it symbolizes friendship and leadership. You’ll find plenty of ways to represent Tri-Delta on our website, whether you want to go with the official colors, emblem, or flower, or with something else. 

Tri-Delta Motto

From its early beginnings as a bond of perpetual friendship, Tri-Delta has become an enduring symbol of love, strength, and kindness. The founding members wanted to create a “society that shall be kind alike to all,” and to value a woman’s “inner self and character [instead of] her personal appearance.” This philosophy led to the Tri-Delta motto: “Let us steadfastly love one another.” Tri-Delta members are dedicated to leadership and philanthropy. 

Tri-Delta Achievements

The sorority has been interested in helping children’s hospitals since the early 1970s. In 1999, the sorority partnered with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and raised more than $44,000 in that first year. Since then, Tri-Delta has raised more than $15 million for the hospital. Currently, the goal is to reach $60 million by 2024. With this commitment, Delta once again added to its list of firsts, as this is the largest a St. Jude partner has ever made. 

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