Delta Zeta's History

The Past

 Miami State University is the birthplace of Delta Zeta. Members founded the group on October 24, 1902, which is the same year that the institution first allowed female students to attend the university. Students established several other fraternities at the school as well. In fact, Miami State is even referred to as the “Mother of Fraternities. 

There were six Delta Zeta founders whom the future Grand Patron, Dr. Guy Potter Benton, led. Because he helped several fraternities with their establishment, the women turned to him. Alfa Hays, Mary Collins, Anna Keen, Julia Bishop, Mabelle Minton, and Anne Simmons pooled their beliefs and worked together to establish their own symbols, creed, and ideas. Even over a century later, the sisters still hold onto the founding thoughts and remain true to their original goals.

Just eight years after its creation, ΔZ became a member of the National Panhellic Conference. It grew rapidly, absorbing four other sororities along the way. These additions were Beta Phi Alpha, Phi Omega Pi, Delta Sigma Epsilon, and Theta Upsilon. There are nearly 260,000 women and 166 active chapters, making Delta Zeta the third largest American sorority.


Several symbols represent the ΔZ vision and sisterhood. Perhaps the most recognizable of these is the turtle, particularly because of its relationship with the Painted Turtle Camp, the group’s philanthropy. They display the mascot across many platforms because it’s so recognizable and undeniably popular among sisters.

Delta Zeta has two colors: rose and green. The official crest also features coordinating shades, along with silver and gold. Several items are visible on this emblem, including the lamp of knowledge.

The chosen gemstone is the diamond, which the designers featured on member badges. These pins are made of gold and display a lamp emblazoned with ΔZ, placed in front of open wings. Pearls are also part of the design and complement the colors well. Additionally, Delta Zeta uses a pink Killarney rose for its official flower to coordinate with the color scheme.

Community Involvement

In addition to being one of the largest groups, Delta Zeta is one of the most active in the charity. There are four separate entities that the sorority partners work with to reach out to the community.

The first is the Starkey Hearing Foundation. William F. Austin established the chapter in 1964. The premise is a powerful one that the members still stand by today: “Alone we can’t do much. Together we can change the world.” Giving people the ability to hear is close to home for Delta Zetas, and with their assistance, charities have given over 1.8 million people in need hearing aids. ΔZ helps raise awareness throughout its events for the Starkey Hearing Foundation and those suffering from hearing loss.

One of the most famous programs partnered with Delta Zeta, however, is the Painted Turtle Camp. This Californian establishment offers the experiences and enjoyments of a summer camp to children who suffer from serious illnesses. The facilities include state-of-the-art technology and healthcare so campers can focus on the experience instead of their medical issues. Incredibly, the camp never asks for payment from the campers. The fundraisers and events that the sorority hosts help cover the expenses and give more children the opportunity to make the memories of a life time.

The Delta Zeta Foundation is the final partnership with the sorority. Its purpose is to offer merit-based scholarships to women across the country. It also encourages personal growth and excellence in the classroom. This network of support helps the sorority maintain its reputation as a positive, prominent, and enduring society for women.

Wearing Your Pride

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