Tory Burch

Tory Burch


Try to name the last time you walked through the doors of your sorority house and didn’t see one of your sistas rocking a pair of Tory Burch sandals? Can’t think of one? either. Tory Burch is one of the hottest brands in the nation, with her styles being popular for women of all ages. From handbags to shoes to jewelry, Tory has something for everyone.

With everything being s'trendy AND s'cute... Tory Burch is basically irresistable. So naturally, sorority girls are some of the first ones in line whenever she launches new products. What else did you expect?

Whether you’re a fan of a crossbody purse or flip-flops decked out with her signature double T logo or nah, Tory has definitely left her mark in the Greek life world with some serious style. Her line is described as "preppy-boho" which also translates to... PERFECT.  

Tory Burch was a Kappa Alpha Theta at the University of Pennsylvania. She majored in art history and after graduation went on to work as a fashion copywriter for Harper's Bazaar and also top fashion designers such as Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren.

She started her own fashion brand in 2004 and sold out most of her inventory in her New York City flagship store on day one. One year later in 2005, Oprah Winfrey called her "the next big thing" and her website had nearly TEN MILLION hits in the same day.

Talk about goals????


TB built her billionaire #girlboss status by opening up over 160 retail stores, and with her products also being sold in nearly 3,000 department stores worldwide.

Can’t find one close to you? Just ask a sorority girl and she’ll probs point you in the right direction.

She also created the Tory Burch Foundation which helps women across da globe find resources to build their own businesses. Some of the proceeds from special products she designs and sells go straight to her foundation and help the economic empowerment for women.

Girl Power!!

Tor-Tor may design the cutest stuff in the game, but we allllll know we’re still on that college budget. (#brokeasajoke)

And that’s why I’ll keep wearing my sorority's Tory Burch inspired logo t-shirt and pretend like it's the real deal. Cause it basically is. 

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